I Said WHAT?!

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I Said WHAT?! is a game in which contestants (typically Brian and Justin) are presented with old quotes from NSFW with no context, and they must determine who said it.

How To Play

The contestants are presented with quotes from past episodes of NSFW, and must verbally guess who originated the quote. Whoever finishes with the most points wins.

Making A Game

Quotes are picked by Chatrealm. Look through past episodes of the show, and find instances where Brian or Justin say something that you would not normally expect them to say. Put together a doc that has the quote and a link to the YouTube video. The YouTube video link should have the timestamp as part of the URL, so that clicking on the link takes you directly to the quote being spoken.

Featured In

Data Collection

Karl has set up a set of pages to make it easy to collect quotes, choose which quotes to use in a game, and format the quotes into a doc.