Ira Sockman

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Ira Sockman
First Appearance Record Setters with a Z
Portrayed By Justin Robert Young

Ira Sockman is the acting Legal Counsel from TWiT overseeing the NSFWshow. It practices Sharia Law with its Muslim Brothers. It also worked for TechTV.

Sockman painting by Bonnie


  • Advises against using certain phrases to avoid litigation. Example: I'm gonna need you to say "Tub Treats" instead of "bath salts".
  • Tells the story of the time somebody threw a brick through a Prius window.
  • Advises against talking about certain people in a negative light- "they're a very litigious estate".

Catch Phrase

  • "Pretend I'm not here"


Fun Facts

  • Ira Sockman got lost on its way back from SXSW 2012, and finally found its way back to Justin a month later.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ira is Muslim, not Jewish.
  • According to its "handler", Justin Robert Young, Ira is neither a man nor a woman... it's a sock.
  • He has a class ring from Colorado State University that has the words "Fuck the police" engraved on it.