Is Defacing Bills Illegal? Also, WIZARDS!

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Is Defacing Bills Illegal? Also, WIZARDS!
Number 2
Broadcast Date January 21, 2013
Episode Length 6:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood


In our second episode of Behind the Scam, Brian addresses the CRAZY claims that he's broken the law on the show. But that would be just CRAZY, right?


Viewer Question 01 - Defacing Currency

Brian clarifies some concerns from the YouTube comments regarding the legality of defacing currency. It's worth noting Brian isn't a lawyer, but he does his best to explain the situation.

Viewer Contributions - Wiz Biz

Brian proudly displays the tireless efforts of the Scam School audience who put together pictures of a wizard on acid shooting rainbows out of his eyes.

Viewer Question 02 - Taking It To The Next Level

Brian offers advise to Danny, a fan who wants to start performing publicly and is curious to the idea of sponsorships.

Scam Stuff - New Products Available

Scam School is all about what you do at the bar, and Scam Stuff is about what you bring to the bar. Now available for purchase is the Counterfeit package, including perfectly identical dollar bills! While supplies last, bills will also be available that work perfectly for one of Daniel Garcia's tricks.

Counterfeit can be found at

Great Quotes

  • Brian - "Isn't defacing currency illegal?! Answer? Probably. Yes, and maybe. Plus, I'm not a lawyer. More importantly, I think the answer is no!"
  • Brian - "Spikes!"

Fun Facts

  • One of the contributors to the wizard pictures is the notable cowgirlcurtis!



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Is Defacing Bills Illegal? Also, WIZARDS!
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