Is Net Neutrality Dead?

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s Net Neutrality Dead?
Number 2148
Broadcast Date JANUARY 14, 2014
Episode Length 32:56
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Allison Sheridan, Jon Brodkin

Allison Sheridan and Jon Brodkin join the show to talk about the doom of Net Neutrality, uncarriers, and more.



Reuters reports the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled the FCC does have the authority to regulate ISPs traffic policies, but under the FCC’s own rules it cannot regulate ISP’s as a common carrier. Therefore the court ruled in favor of Verizon regarding two rules that prevented blocking of applications and discriminating against traffic. The Court ruling could be reheard, appealed to the Supreme Court, or the FCC was given a chance by the Court to adjust its policies.

News From You

NewEgg touting their victory in the US Supreme Court over Shopping Cart patents. Soverain Software had claimed NewEgg and others had violated its patents for online shopping carts. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit invalidated as obvious Soverain’s patents. Soverain appealed to the Supreme Court which yesterday denied the appeal letting the previous decision stand.
Submitted by: nzit
Charter Communications made an offer valued at US$61.3 billion to acquire the US third largest cable company, Time Warner Cable. TimeWarner Cable’s Board of Directors unanimously rejected the offer. Charter intends to appeal to the shareholders directly.
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Is Net Neutrality Dead?
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