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Man... or demon?

Iyaz Akhtar (born October 5, 1979) is a co-host for Tech News Today, the host of the alpha show ION ("In Other News") and an associate producer for TWiT. Like Tom Merritt, Iyaz may sometimes fill in for King Leo when the latter is away. Prior to being hired by TWiT in March of 2011, Iyaz sometimes appeared on This Week in Tech as a guest.

Brian and Justin are convinced Iyaz is really the Devil. During Iyaz's second appearance on NSFW, this was made worse because of the (convenient?) red lighting of the Newsroom that Iyaz was sitting in. For fun, Tony Wang even doodled devil horns on Iyaz in the final release to podcast, and some members of Chatrealm submitted Adobeshops of Iyaz sitting in a fiery version of the Newsroom.


Devil Iyaz Chant!

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