James Hookerbuyer

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James L. Hookerbuyer
First Appearance Timecode (aftershow)
Portrayed By Chad Johnson

James L. Hookerbuyer is a sleazy purveyor of hookers.


  • Says his own name.
  • Is generally pretentious and condescending to hookers (especially those he intends to buy).

Catch Phrase

  • "Mmmmm, I'm James L. Hookerbuyer. Mmmyeah!"
  • "Listen, I have two things on my mind. One is banging, two is how cool I can look in this three piece suit."


Fun Facts

  • Wears a three piece suit.
  • Is loosely based off of Jimmy Cox.
  • Moonlights as a glitter-centric magician.
  • Exists solely in Tina Turner's Private Dancer music video.