Learning to Instantly Fake Guitar Skills

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Learning to Instantly Fake Guitar Skills
Number 48
Broadcast Date January 13, 2017
Episode Length 13:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Mario Alvarez


After all these years, Jason finally broke his original Guitar Hero controller by beating Jordan, which he is adamant is still the hardest song. When he looked up he saw a guitar on his wall but had to call Brian and guitarist Mario Alvarez to figure out what it was and how to use it.

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Fun Facts

  • It started raining fairly early into recording this episode and really picked up throughout. Brandt was the only crew member (accompanied by Jgor) who had to stand in the rain during filming.
  • In the background you can spot the cases Brian uses to haul his stage show, as well as various production equipment.
  • Jason's wife, Allison, is also a member of Thunderhag.
  • There's an editing goof where the fretboard is labeled as the frets.


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Learning to Instantly Fake Guitar Skills
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