Let's Get Donner a Pizza!

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Let's get Donner a Pizza
Number 207
Broadcast Date Feb 07, 2018
Episode Length 01:45:15
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Aunty Donna

Brian's dog is going through puberty and we're joined by Aunty Donna to slap thighs and solve Would You Rathers. Hashtag Do A Dominos​


We can work it out

Brian has been working out, probably. They talk with a hypothetical Elon Musk Grime's Boyfriend about just who might be in the Tesla roadster launched into space. Oh hey the Super Bowl was on too. Never mind all that, the Modern Rogue was filming episodes with quarterstaffs and found out they're pretty dangerous.

Hey check out those great articles by John Cheese and others at the modern rogue. https://www.themodernrogue.com/, before someone gets arrested.

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They're touring America, and they're still willing to appear on the show! Hey, you'd be crazy to try and transcribe the silliness that happens during an Aunty Donna segment, so take my word for it and just watch the show. Also there's a lot of cum talk. Go see them live, it's worth it. http://www.auntydonna.com/shows


The guys love the Would You Rather Bot and went through a few WYR's with Aunty Donna.


Aunty Donna's latest bit is harassing Domino's Australia and Don Meij to get them a Domino's franchise, or a free pizza, whichever is easier. During the show chatrealm began to tweet at Domino's Australia asking them to help Aunty Donna. Spoiler: it worked.

Hey, someone has an album coming out

It's true, Aunty Donna have an album coming out. Get it wherever you get albums. What's an album?

Quoting Questionable Quotes

  • "That looks so dope" - Justin, watching a SpaceX rocket blow up
  • "It was the quarterstaff pucker sucker" - Brian, describing hitting Modern Rogue co-host Jason Murphy in the balls with a quarterstaff
  • "What's a Boner?" - Aunty Donna
  • "I walked away for ten minutes and when I came back they're still talking about cum"


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