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Number 255
Broadcast Date January 09, 2019
Episode Length 02:07:11
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Max Temkin

Brian and Justin are back from Vegas and 2018 and have stories of weed and craps. Toni B Leaky can't keep a secret. Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity and Do By Friday joins the boys to talk CAH "pranks" and getting into a shifting magic landscape. Plus, foot-fetish Robin the Boy Wonder.

The new Night Attack album "All's Well" featuring the music of Steven Cogswell comes out January 22. Keep an eye out for pre-orders and let's get another #1 album!


A,B and CBD

Last week everyone was in Vegas, and they visited an Apothecary Shoppe since the weed is legal in Vegas. One of the things purchased was some CBD hand cream which got accidentally spilled, and Bonnie used it so as not to let it go to waste. Sure there's no "high" effect from CBD but there certainly was a placebo as Bonnie had Limberfingers the rest of the night.

Everybody Craps

What else do you do in Vegas? You gamble, of course. Brian and Justin played blackjack, and had a tidy sum, but then on the way back to the room they decided to play craps and put on a stage show about 9/11 and ended up losing it all. On the plus side, they paid $225 for a Miller Lite.

Also they got a pedicure.

Patreon Name Chant

Hey boss here's the deal. Support Night Attack at and you get the preshow and postshow in your own personal RSS feed for your podcast player, but with the lead-up to the NEW ALBUM coming out, $5 and $10 patrons get sent tracks and actual rough cuts of the NEW ALBUM. Also you could be selected for the NAME CHANT CORNER HOUR like this week's lucky patron STEVEN RAY.

You can also bit and sub it up with and get yourself shouted out during the twitch sub story minute.

This episode BIT BOSS was JUANYAM.

New Album

The long story short: earlier in the day on The Bizarre Briefing show, Bryce showed the new album's art and title, knowing that the actual Bizarre Briefing show wouldn't be out for a couple of weeks. Of course the fact it was broadcast on twitch meant at least two people saw it. Justin was trying to be coy about album details when the chat turned it around on him.

The new album comes out January 22nd 2019. There will probably be pre-orders. Stay tuned.

Night Attack Takes it to the Max Temkin

This week's special guest is Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, co-host of the podcast Do By Friday and magic enthusiast. Brian and Max were both invited to a magic event party, met, hit it off and as they say the rest is history. Max was around for the rest of the show, and the aftershow.

Brian, Justin and Max had a great extended discussion of magic, the state of magic, Cards Against Humanity marketing stunts and more.

There was a discussion of foot fetishists figuring out a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a fake giving rise to the foot fetish superhero cinematic universe.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Who is in the lead? Why, it's DTNS. See much more detail at


A Y2K story. Can you relate a deep personal secret in a character voice? (Yes with several examples).

Ask Max

They took some questions from the chat for Max. "Are there cards you regret making?" (All the time, they refresh the CAH set every year so buy a new one if yours is old). "What's your favorite book?" (Patrick Rothfuss' "Name of the Wind", lots of political philosophy nonfiction, "The Righteous Mind" by Johnathan Haidt). Max recommends buying Brian's Penguin Live Lecture if you're interested in magic.

Quotable Quotes

  • "We're here for the free beer, mister. We're at a $25 table, how bad can it be?" - Justin
  • "I'm gonna go need to change my pants, Justin can you cover for me because I'm enjoying this too much" - Brian, in a discussion with Max about magic and magicians
  • "Who's working these clips, this is such good work" - Max acknowledging Bryce's producer skills

Fun Facts

  • Max Temkin has not seen the 1980 Flash Gordon movie


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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