Live From San Diego 2018

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Live From San Diego 2018
Number 226
Broadcast Date June 19, 2018
Episode Length 01:25:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Scott Sigler

We explore the best of the worst of the internet with a huge "Chatrealm Feud." Plus, one bad motha-rickshaw. Cousin Cruisin'? No thank you!

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Thank You, Patrons

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It's a Live Show, my dudes

At least two people were at the show who had never heard of Night Attack. The show is being held at Scott Sigler's offices. Scott was not present at the start of the show due to travel, but makes a surprise appearance during the show.

The Scooter Plague

While Brian and Justin do a lot of drinking, they have to get to a bar to do it. Sure the hotel gives free drinks but - according to brian - you have to stand in the "fuckin bread line" to get the FREE drinks. Two red wines, please?

So on the way to the bar, they rode "the most un-Austin pedi-cab" ever. $40? Well at least they got told to put on their seat belts. At a speed of "1" they got to listen to their choice of music, as long as it was youtube.

But, the horror, there were unsafe and illegal scooters which were certainly going faster than the pedi-cab. Can you imagine. Turns out, Brian and Justin don't like Vanilla Ice. You can see some of this hilarity in the Patreon Lens Videos they recorded, which you'd have gotten early if you were a patron.

Chatrealm Feud AKA "Cousin Cruisin'"

Hey guys it's The Best of the Worst of the Internet. It totally is not family feud, your honor. They actually planned this and totally did not just fuck around on the phone for an hour instead, really. It's their War and Peace.

Befor the game started, they attempted to get the audience to mimic the dial up modem sound. Yeahhhhhh never mind that, let's get to the game!

Name a File Format you may have pirated

  1. MP3 (59) (Brian)
  2. AVI (9)
  3. ISO (6)
  4. RAR (5)
  5. MKV (5)
  6. WMV (4)
  7. WAV (4) (Justin)
  • Brian passed.
  • Justin incorrectly guessed: MPEG, EXE.
  • Brian incorrectly guessed: ZIP.
  • Justin got the 63 points.

Besides google, name an early search engine

  1. Altavista (43) (Justin)
  2. Ask Jeeves (28) (Brian)
  3. Yahoo (15) (Brian)
  4. Lycos (11)(Brian)
  5. Dogpile (7) (Brian)
  • Justin passed
  • Brian incorrectly guessed: Asta La Vista, Excite
  • Brian got the 104 points

Name the first or earliest website you remember visiting obsessively

  1. Newgrounds (16)
  2. Slashdot (11)
  3. Yahoo (10)
  4. Fark (10)
  5. Digg (8)
  6. GameFAQs (5)
  7. Homestar Runner (5)
  • Justin incorrectly guessed:, Ebaum's World, Drudge Report.
  • Brian incorrectly guessed:, Hamster Dance, MSNBC.
  • Nobody got any answers correct and they scrubbed the question.

Name your first ISP

  1. AOL (41) (Brian)
  2. Prodigy (9) (Brian)
  3. CompuServe (6) (Brian)
  4. Earthlink (4)
  5. NetZero (3) (Brian)
  • Brian chose to play.
  • Brian incorrectly guessed: "their university", Juno, Roadrunner.
  • Justin incorrectly guessed: Comcast.
  • Brian got the 59 points.

At this point they were joined by "Gorben" and "Ben" from the audience to supplant the teams.

Name an early webcomic

  1. Penny Arcade (14) (Justin)
  2. XKCD (12) (Brian)
  3. Homestar Runner (5) (Brian)
  4. Megatokyo (5)
  5. Ctrl-Alt-Del (5)
  6. 8-bit Theater (4)
  7. My ExtraLife (4) (Justin)
  8. User Friendly (4)
  9. NetBoy (3)
  10. Cyanide and Happiness (3) (Justin)
  • Brian's team passed.
  • Justin's team incorrectly guessed: SMBC, Olgaf, Dinosaur Comics, Perry Bible Fellowship.
  • Brian got the 21 points.

At this point, Gorben and Ben were dismissed. During the next question excellent host and guy whose venue they were using Scott Sigler arrived and joined both teams.

Name your first IM application

  1. AIM (61) (Justin)
  2. ICQ (29) (Brian)
  3. MSN Messenger (16) (Brian)
  4. Yahoo Messenger (7)
  5. mIRC (6)
  • Justin passed.
  • Brian incorrectly guessed: iChat, Skype, "fuckyou dot org".
  • Justin incorrectly guessed: Trillian.
  • Brian got the 106 points.

Besides Internet Explorer, name the earliest web browser you remember

  1. Netscape (84) (Justin)
  2. Firefox (15) (Brian)
  3. Mosaic (8)
  4. AOL Browser (4) (Brian)
  5. Opera (4) (Brian)
  6. Safari (3) (Justin)
  • Justin passed.
  • Brian/Scott incorrectly guessed: Chrome, WebTV, "Butt chug the apocalypse".
  • Justin got the 220 points.

Score at this point is 323 for Brian, 283 for Justin

Name a program you would have used to play audio files in the 90s

  1. Winamp (78) (Brian)
  2. Realplayer (18) (Justin)
  3. Windows Media (12)
  4. QuickTime (2)
  • Brian passed.
  • Justin/Scott incorrectly guessed: iTunes, Napster, "butt chug the apocalypse" .
  • Brian incorrectly guessed: Sonique
  • Justin got the 192 points

It's a Triple point round!

Name an early meme or internet joke

  1. All Your Base (39) (Brian)
  2. Hampster Dance (22) (Justin)
  3. Dancing Baby (21) (Justin)
  4. Numa Numa (10)
  5. Rick Roll (7) (Brian)
  6. Badger Badger Badger (6)
  7. Star Wars Kid (5)
  8. Keyboard Cat (5)
  • Brian Passed
  • Justin/Scott incorrectly guessed: "Peanut butter jelly time", Chocolate Rain, Dramatic Chipmunk, "Butt chug the apocalypse"
  • Brian got the 282 points

It's the last round, another triple point round! Brian is 605 and Justin is 475. In this round the guys have to buzz in by saying their name

Name a game everyone with access to the internet growing up played

  1. Runescape (21) (Brian)
  2. Doom (19)
  3. Quake (18)
  4. World of Warcraft (10) (Brian)
  5. Neopets (6)
  • Brian Passed
  • Justin/Scott incorrectly guessed: Marathon, Myst, Minesweeper,

Team Brian wins with 698 points to 475 points for Justin! Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey that made this game possible.

Quoted Quotes

  • "I've seen the front page of pornhub" - Justin
  • "WHAGRGAHWGHWGAHWG. Dog Water" - Brian doing his Homer Simpson quotes impression
  • "Hey Justin, why don't you dot-com down" - Brian
  • "Flash animations aren't real comics" - Brian
  • "What the hot fuck is that, why is Trillian not on there?" - Justin

Fun Facts

  • The venue was Scott Sigler's Studio
  • Marathon is still around as Aleph One.
  • At the end of the show the audience recorded "Feel better, Jodie" for Scott Sigler


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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