Live from ScoopFest 2018

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Live from ScoopFest 2018
Number 243
Broadcast Date October 17, 2018
Episode Length 01:16:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Mikey Neumann, Matt Donnelly, Paul Mattingly

Matt and Mattingly from Ice Cream Social face the gauntlet of the devilish Mikey Neumann Quiz. Who will get the tasty cream and who will get an ice cream headache?

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Live at ScoopFest 2018 opens with the chants of "Russia, Russia, Russia." This had something to do with the "Tournament of Kings" and "Excalibur" and somehow Merlin was involved but who knows, because inside jokes are apparently the best jokes.

The Mikey Quiz with Sprinkles on Top

It's another fiendish quiz from best quizmaster Mikey Neumann, assisted by Tara and Mitzula.

This time around they're playing as Team Night Attack vs. Team "Soc" for the MIKEY QUIZ BELT which was displayed before the quiz. They also get a chance to phone a friend. Night Attack can call upon Bryce, and Ice Cream Social can call upon Jacob. Mitzula appeared in person to discuss the actual Vegas Odds on the game, including the odds of "someone getting into a fist fight."

"Is this a real ice cream flavor?" From mom and pop ice cream places across the USA and potentially from around the world but really just the USA, they just have to guess if an ice cream flavor described is real or fake. They alternate who goes first.

  • "The Bacon Pinata" Soc: Fake NA: Fake. It was FAKE
  • "Magic Swirtle" NA: Real Soc: Real. It was REAL (the Soc guys were involved in making it)
  • "Planet Awesome" Soc: Real NA: Fake. It was FAKE
  • "Tequila Sundae" NA: Real, Soc: Real. It was FAKE
  • "Guitard Chocolate" Soc: Real, NA: Real. It was REAL (Guitard is a name, not an actual guitar)
  • "Cardamom Black Pepper" NA: Fake, Soc: Fake. It was REAL (Cardamom is a spice)
  • "Spicy Szechuan Orange" Soc: Fake, NA: Fake. It was FAKE
  • "Essence of Ghost" NA: Real, Soc: Fake. It was REAL
  • "Goat Cheese Pizza Roll" Soc: Real, NA: Fake. It was FAKE. Soc used their "Phone a Friend Jacob" card for this one.
  • "Pumpkin Spiced Chex Mix" NA: Real, Soc: Fake. It was FAKE
  • "Cheatohs" Soc: Real, NA: Fake. It was REAL. NA used their "Phone a Friend Bryce" card for this one (They made the "get a rope" Pace hot sauce for this one)
  • "Taylor Ham and French Toast" NA: Real, Soc: Fake. It was REAL
  • "Chocolate Chip Cookie D'oh" Soc: Fake, NA: SUPER REAL. It was REAL
  • "Coffee Coffee Coffee I Got Love in my Toffee and I think Everything's Alright" NA: Real, Soc: Real. It was FAKE (This was the question where Mikey Brian and Justin walked off when Soc said "there's no way this is fake")

The last one was a "group question" including Jacob and Bryce

  • "Thanksgiving Dinner" Everyone: Real. It was REAL!

Russia! Russia! Russia! The final score was probably Night Attack 10 - Ice Cream Social 7 but who can tell.

Diamond Time

There's no diamond time, it was a live show my dudes.

Movie Draft

It's a live show! No movie draft! You can still see results at


It's a live show! No mail bag! Also don't be a dick sending things to the mailbag segment!


  • "Sorry, gang, I was cranking a few out" - Justin as Merlin
  • "You made a dick joke out of Eric Clapton's deceased son, oh no I've done everything wrong" - Mikey Neumann
  • "They made a belt for my quiz, and I am not on the belt" - Mikey Neumann
  • "Lemon and Licorice? Fuck Youuuuu" - Matt or Mattingly
  • "You bought a ticket, Sir" - Justin to a heckler
  • "Is there anybody from Portland here? Fuck you!" - Justin, for the "Essence of Ghost" ice cream
  • "How hot is goat cheese right now?" "Piping hot!" - Matt and Mattingly
  • "I'm shook, y'all" - Mikey, after mentioning Ben and Jerry's.

Fun Facts


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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