Live from Stubbs BBQ in Austin - 2010!

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Live from Stubbs BBQ in Austin - 2010!
Number 106
Broadcast Date March 24, 2010
Episode Length 27:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Check out Brian's live show from Austin, as he opened for Diggnation!

Revision3 Summary

You'll see new stuff from Brian's live stage show, not shown at on Scam School yet. Plus, you'll see Brian break 3 world records and the infamous Conan O'Brien hoax!

Fire Eating history

Bloody card trick

This trick involves psychic surgery.

Knife trick

Bed of nail trick

This trick features Brett Rounsaville and the women formerly known as Bonnie the Invisible Wife.

Breaking three world records, URDB and the setup of the Conan O'Brien hoax


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Fun Facts

  • Parts of this episode were broadcast live by Leo Laporte.

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Live from Stubbs BBQ in Austin - 2010!
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