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Number 113
Broadcast Date March 21, 2016
Episode Length 58:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

Study says networks are dying, Fandango to sell movies and TV shows, Netflix approves your television.


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Intro Video

Primary Target

“The concept of a ‘network’ could become obsolete.”
“The aggregation platform will become akin to the concept of a cable network today for consumers, but micro-customized to individual preferences.”
Content will become divided into two main buckets: scripted shows and live events.
Live events will migrate to broadcast
Cable cos will either have to do live or become OTT providers
Offline TV no longer becomes the default. Instead, people will boot up connected TVs or go immediately to the video-on-demand function, or switch to over-the-top service HBO Now
Total viewership may be falling but digital viewing is growing.

Signals Intelligence

Fandango purchased M-Go earlier this year
As of March 30 it will rebrand as FandangoNOW
Powers default purchases on Roku
Fandango is owned by Comcast

Gear Up

Netflix has awarded “Netflix Recommended” badges to smart TVs for the second year. TVS must meet seven criteria around the speed and execution of the Netflix app.
LG 4K UHD TVs with web OS 3.0: UH6300 series, UH6500 series, UH7500 series, UH8500 series, UH9500 series, and G6 series
Sony Android 4K UHD TVs: S85D series, X85D series, X93D series, X94D series, XD93 series, XD94 series, SD85 series, and XD85 series"
TV Instant on
Resumes from where it was when turned off
Latest Netflix app
Fast app launch
Fast app resume
Netflix button on remote
Netflix icon prominent on screen

Front Lines

Apple TV’s operating system gets an update today adding folder, dictation for things like user name and password, live photos and iCloud library and Siri for the app store.
Twitch launched a channel dedicated to cooking Tuesday with a marathon of Julia Child’s The French Chef. On Saturday it expanded with more shows, including a documentary on Sriracha, the Great Chefs TV series and more.
At a press conference Wednesday Turner CEO John Martin said the company plans a couple of “direct-to-consumer” products by the end of the year. Martin also expected Turner networks to be part of virtual MVPD services that could be launched this year. He said a breakthrough will come when someone manages to combine a great user interface with great content.
Amazon has launched the “Amazon Cable Store” where you can browse bundles of TV phone and Internet service from cable companies, complete a credit check and schedule installation. So far Comcast is the only service available.
A new PlayStation Video Android app lets PS3, PS4 and Vita owners to stream purchased movies and TV shows to Android devices. You can also buy shows from within the new Android app.
Verizon FiOS TV is discontinuing its apps for Xbox and Smart TVs as of March 31st. But “great news” you can watch FIOS TV on the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Under Surveillance

Netflix posted a teaser for its next Adam Sandler movie, “The Do-Over” starring Sandler and David Spade for release May 27th. It is allegedly about a bank manager who fakes his death and "[takes] off on an adventure."
Paramount's “The Little Prince” will debut on Netflix instead of hitting theaters in the US March 18. It won France’s Cesar Award for best animated film. It stars Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, Marion Cotillard, James Franco and Benicio del Toro.

Dispatches from the Front

Hello Tom, Brian, and crew!

I was listening to your discussion about bringing new release movies to your home instead of the theaters, and it reminded me of the special events offered by Alamo Drafthouse. Brian mentioned theaters like Alamo lean towards food/drinks to bring in money. The Alamo near me does several ""special events"" from week to week: sing/quote-a-longs, all-you-can-eat cereal parties, movie marathons, and even movie/lecture events partnered with our local university.

I wonder if more theaters would start to lean towards these kinds of events if people begin to just watch new movies from home. Our Alamo is holding a watch party for Serenity next week, and, even though the movie is on Netflix, I'm considering going just to see it with other fans of the series.

Keep up the great work!

- Benjamin

$50 to get movies @ home where you have a pause button sounds great.

PlayStation Vue trial was a total fail for me. I have a 1st gen PS3 and I have no idea how the service looks because all I ever get is an error message. Tech support was no help either. The silver lining is that for $30 you can use those Vue creds to authenticate TVEverywhere apps on the Roku, Apple TV and in the browser.

- John

Hey guys,

The reason my wife and I are seasonal cordkillers is local sports broadcasts. We’re huge hockey fans and she can’t watch her local team unless we have Comcast Sports Net. I noticed that Playstation Vue offered CSN, so I signed up for the free trial.

I did not have a Playstation account before this and I signed up in the browser and on the Fire TV app. It was very easy to sign up for and a pleasant experience. I scrolled through the live channels and tried some out. The quality was excellent, so much better than my experience with Sling TV - I was very impressed. The next night, when her team was playing, I asked if we could try streaming the game. She agreed. I tuned to CSN on the Vue app. I received: “Sorry, we are not allowed to stream this game due to content ownership rights.”

Foiled again by local sports broadcasts. Hopefully soon we can watch any game, local or not, directly through the various sports team apps.

Keep up the great work!

- Sean

While searching for a show to watch with my son on Netflix this morning, I saw Hacking the System was available. I put it on and before I knew it, my son was putting down Minecraft to watch every minute (which included one inappropriate F!@$ bomb from Brian, but I will forgive him, if I had been stunned I'm sure he'd hear the same). We made it through 7 episodes in no time. I made sure my son was aware that he watching someone that he has also been forced to listen to while in the car with me. I just wanted to pass on that you did a great job, and my 9 year old is already begging for the end of the season.

- Steve

Hey Tom & Brian,

Hulu sent me a survey a few days ago and starting about 20 or so questions in, the entire survey switched gears and started asking how I felt about a ""hypothetical"" new internet streaming tv service.

To start, the asked if I've heard of various existing streaming service, including Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and even Apple's long rumored streaming service (http://cl.ly/472c1L2D3i0k).

Later, they said this new hypothetical service could be offered by any number of companies, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, or Apple, but that I was ""randomly assigned"" Hulu as the company behind this hypothetical new service for the upcoming questions.

Anyway, it went on to show me about ten or so different variations of channels, features (cloud dvr, 8 day on demand, ad skipping, etc), and costs, asking how likely I would be to sign up for each, or if I'd rather stick with traditional Hulu.

So what do you think? Will Hulu try and start competing more directly with Sling TV and PlayStation Vue?

Love the show!

PS Here are a few screenshots of the survey, in case you're interested:

- Tom



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