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DCTVpedia is the official reference guide to all things related to Diamond Club TV and its personalities, Veronica Belmont, Brian Brushwood, Andrew Mayne, Tom Merritt, and Justin Robert Young. You will find information on Daily Tech News Show, Cordkillers, Night Attack, Weird Things, and even shows beyond Diamond Club TV like Scam School and Behind The Scam.

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Diamond Club TV Schedule

All times are Eastern Daylight Time:


6:00pm - Weird Things
7:00pm - Creative Podcast with Justin and Andrew


10:00am - The Morning Stream
4:30pm - Daily Tech News Show
6:30pm - Cordkillers


10:00am - The Morning Stream
4:30pm - Daily Tech News Show
10:00pm - Night Attack


10:00am - The Morning Stream
4:30pm - Daily Tech News Show


10:00am - The Morning Stream
4:30pm - Daily Tech News Show
6:00pm - Veronica Plays Games


4:30pm - Daily Tech News Show
7:00pm - Current Geek



DTNS CoverArt1400x1400-TPC.png

Previous DTNS:
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Next Daily Tech News Show:
Daily @ 4:30pm EDT
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Previous Night Attack:
Don Juan de la Trash
May 6, 2014 @ 10pm EDT
Next Night Attack:
Tuesday @ 10pm EDT
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Previous Cordkillers:
Does Hulu Make Sense Now
May 5 2014
New Episodes Every Monday


Previous Scam School:
(Remix) Easy Secret to Fake Strength and Punk Friends!
May 4, 2014
New Episodes Every Wednesday


Previous Behind The Scam:
The Secret Method to Control any Interaction!
March 14, 2014
New Episodes Every Monday


Previous Weird Things Podcast:
The G Word
April 6, 2014
New Episodes Every So Often
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Previous JuRY:
Whoooooa Bundy
April 14, 2014
New Episodes Every Weekend


Previous Mayniac:
Mayniac Episode 001
January 15, 2014
New Podcast!


Previous Who's The Boss:
The Name of the Doctor
May 20, 2013
New Episodes After New Who


Previous FSL Tonight:
Hoth’s Tove League
April 13, 2014
New Episodes Next Season

Older Shows


Previous NSFW:
Pretend We're Not Here
February 24, 2014 @ 10pm EST
Ceased Production


Previous BBLiveShow:
Episode 53
January 10, 2012
Ceased Production


Previous Online Ethicist:
On Hiatus


Previous Andrew Mayne Stories:
June 15, 2012
On Hiatus

DIAFCoverArt 300x300.jpg

Previous DIAF:
The Great Spider and the White Door
May 29, 2011
On Hiatus


Final Game On!:
Game Over And Would You Like To Continue?
April 8, 2012
Cancelled (too soon!)


Final BBOTR:
The New 3-minute Demo
September 17, 2007
Ceased Production


Final Frame Rate:
The Final Frame
December 16, 2013
Ceased Production

Important People


Veronica Belmont was formerly the co-host of Tekzilla, Game On!, Mahalo Daily, Buzz Out Loud, and the the monthly PlayStation 3-based video on demand program Qore. What does she do now? Play video games and dream about swords and lasers.

Brian portrait.jpeg

Brian Brushwood put the "BB" in the "BBpedia". Starting out as a stage magician touring around the country, Brian gained a large internet following through his podcasts. He now hosts a half-dozen podcasts including Scam School, Night Attack, Cordkillers, Weird Things, and more.

Andrew Mayne 2013 Portrait.jpg

Andrew Mayne is the host of A&E's Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, he is considered one of magic's most prolific creators. He, along with Justin Robert Young, runs and and is the host of the Weird Things Podcast. On top of all this he still finds time to write sci-fi novels.

Tom merritt.jpg

Tom Merritt is nothing less than a podcasting legend. He started out as a producer for TechTV's The Screen Savers and now hosts a bevy of tech and geek-oriented podcasts including Daily Tech News Show, Sword and Laser, Cordkillers, and FSL Tonight.

Justin 2013 Portrait.jpg

Justin Robert Young got his start in the newspaper business and eventually transitioned to the internet. He currently runs the one of the largest magic blogs on the internet,, as well as He interviewed Brian for iTricks and quickly became friends and co-hosts.

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Featured Video

On February 24th, 2014 NSFW show ended its 219 episode, 4+ year run with the episode Pretend I'm Not Here. In anticipation of the death of NSFW, a few Chatrealmers put together some goodbye videos. This one, NSFW Funeral, was edited together by Leon. Long live Night Attack!

Featured Article

Brian pedo tweet.PNG

On March 2nd, 2013, Brian was the victim of a 4chan attack in which members of the /b/ board made false comments about Brian being a pedophile. One of 4chan's favorite pastimes is to go to a popular Youtube channel or video and accuse the person of being a pedophile. Just by random chance, the Scam School YouTube channel or more specifically the "Puzzle Challenge Showdown" was chosen to be the recipient of the deluge of pedophilic accusations. more...

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