Making a DIY Ballistics Gel Human Head

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Making a DIY Ballistics Gel Human Head
Number 114
Broadcast Date April 20, 2018
Episode Length 21:11
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Bill Doran


Bill tried to tell Jason that x-ray vision didn't really work the way that comic books had led him to believe, but he just couldn't live with the disappointment in Jason's face. So he set out to recreate every living person in ballistic gel, starting with Jason himself.


Thanks to Bill for making this even remotely possible.

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Fun Facts

  • During the cold open, Brandt saying, "Prep a slate!" was supposed to be much more prominent, but due to Premiere improperly caching the necessary audio track, it did not render as intended.
  • Reference the injury reset counter shows a count of 49 days without actually resetting it.
  • The transcription of Brian's dialogue as he eats the gelatin is just a loose approximation.



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Making a DIY Ballistics Gel Human Head
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