Menace and Malice

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Menace and Malice logo

Menace and Malice was the name of a pair of shows performed by Brian Brushwood during Halloween Horror Nights XX in 2010. Both shows were performed on stage at the Bettlejuice Theater. While Menace contained some material from the 2008 show, Malice contained completely new material to HHN.

"Menace" and "Malice" were also the names of his two on-stage assistants during both shows.

Entrance to Menace and Malace


Performances in this show included:


Performances in this show included:

  • Intro video from Film Riot
  • Nail in eye
  • Bed of nails
  • Human Crazy Straw
  • Straitjacket escape


After both shows, Brian was available outside the theater for photos and autographs. Chad was usually nearby selling items such as T-shirts, DVDs, Cheats, Cons, Swindles and Tricks, and The Professional's Guide to Fire Eating. (They would accept cash or credit card.)

Behind the Scenes

Brian dances with Menace, Malace, and friends
  • After someone was picked for psychic surgery, Universal Studios staff working the event would take bets over the radio if the person would pick either chocolate pudding or applesauce. Swapping the chocolate pudding option for vanilla throws them off. The first time anyone ever asked for both chocolate pudding and applesauce was on October 9th.

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