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Minecraft is a multiplayer environment building system (which some people call a "game") created by Markus "Notch" Persson and now by his company, Mojang. It was released on May 17, 2009, with a Beta on December 20, 2010.


The game is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. The game has two variants – free Classic and paid Beta – where Classic is focused entirely on construction with unlimited material supply, whereas Beta requires players to acquire resources themselves, and contains mobs, player health, and additional features and items.

The game is currently in development and Beta is the only continuously updated version of the game. Minecraft was developed for about a week before its public release on May 17, 2009, on the TIGSource forums, where it gained a considerable level of popularity. It has been continually updated and patched since then, and while it was still in alpha release, it garnered several hundred thousand sales and received critical notice and acclaim from many reviewers. It passed a million units sold on January 12, 2011, less than a month after reaching Beta. By June 13, 2011, the game had sold 2.5 million units.

The game sells for €14.95 as of June 29, 2011, but will cost €20.00 when out of beta. This is a one-time price and there is no monthly fee.

Chatcraft and Bonearth

Chatrealm has its own Minecraft server, maintained by Curley, which is referred to as "Chatcraft". The user-created environment on the server is referred to as Bonearth, a reference to the NSFW episode Eight Equals Equals Equals Dee.

Notable Locations and Structures

Several regions of Bonearth have been named and contain structures.

  • "The Outside"
    • Several unnamed buildings and a road inside a glass sphere with no door.
    • This was built by Demon5 and you can get inside the sphere (without breaking it) by using the /jump command.
    • Monorail stations:
      • The Outside
  • Bonearth Park
    • Bonearth Park Mall
    • Little New York
    • Planet Bonearth Gold Vault
    • Sandstone Cinemas
    • Subway stations:
      • Bonearth Park
  • Cocaine!
    • AT-AT
    • Monorail stations:
      • Cocaine!
  • Grabrubarf Industrial Park
    • Grabrubarf logo
    • Synergy Park
    • Monorail stations:
      • Grabrubarf
  • Hell
    • Accessible via "/warp hell".
  • Island (unnamed, but claimed by PDelahanty)
    • Subway station:
      • Island
  • Lava Falls
    • No structures of note
    • Monorail stations:
      • Lava Falls
  • Lonely Island
    • Linkin' Drinkin' Tunnel
    • Optimus Prime statue (en route to Lonely Island)
    • PDelahanty's Secret Fort
    • Monorail stations:
      • Lonely Island
  • New Chaddington
    • Chad's home base
    • Subway station:
      • New Chaddington
  • Region Of Evil
    • Brorena (aka "Brodome")
    • Eye Of Sauron
    • LeonimuZ's "Secret" House
    • The Monolith
  • Snowland
    • Snowland Museum & Library
    • Tetris Waters Harbor
South City (as of Aug 4, 2011)
  • Unnamed Region (Giggleloop/Abobimable_Fuzz region)
    • Creeper Head Terror House
    • TARDIS


In addition to some roads, there are three transportation systems in the world:


The monorail system is overseen by healthyaddict. It consists of a central hub at <> station and numerous branches to distant destinations. Tracks are often at maximum elevation to avoid mobs. In the <> station, monorail tracks depart and arrive on the top level. A subway terminal is in the lower level. A map of the transportation system can be found at ground level. Riders can also connect to the subway system via Horseboy.


  • Cocaine!
  • Grabrubarf
  • Horseboy
  • Lava House
  • Lonely Island
  • The Outside
  • Sandstone Train Station


The subway system was built and is overseen by PDelahanty. Unlike the monorail, it was designed so that it would not be necessary to build separate lines to a single destination and could have multiple stops along the same line. However, tunnels require a lot of mining to build and they must avoid any pre-existing underground construction.

The subway system currently has three lines. The Lime Line runs between <> Station and Airport with stops at Pixel Park, Stargate, Horseboy, Turret, Tower Bridge, and South City Harbor. The Cyan Line runs from the Thunderbrome to Olympic Park with stops at Island, Cabin, Horseboy, Rounsaville, Sky Fort, Giggleloop, and New Chaddington. The White Line runs from ??? to Island with stops at ???. Major hubs are currently at <> Station and Horseboy.

Lime Line (east/west) Stations:

  • <> Station (system map available at this station)
  • Pixel Park
  • Stargate
  • Horseboy (system map available at this station)
  • Turret
  • Tower Bridge
  • Harbor
  • Airport (system map available at this station)

Cyan Line (north/south) Stations:

  • Thunderbrome
  • Island
  • Cabin
  • Horseboy
  • Rounsaville
  • Sky Fort
  • Giggleloop
  • New Chaddington
  • Olympic Park

White Line:

  • Island
  • Avarant
  •  ???

Planned expansions:

  • Two-tone notes played when minecarts arrive in a station

Bonearth Park Train

  • There is a train line between Bonearth Park and South City
  • This train line will soon be integrated into the subway system.

Sandstone Train Station

  • There is a train station near the Info Center that is broken.
  • This station will be revitalized and be worked into the transportation system as a whole.
  • Trains can currently arrive from <> Station, but there is no way to get back.

Chatcraft Metro (vincent404's 8-bit Subway)

There is a second subway system under construction, but it doesn't really go anywhere.


  • <> Station


A few regions have rules in place:

  • Global (at Info Center)
  1. Assholery is a bannable offense.
  2. Respect other player's creations.
  3. Keep Info doors closed.
  4. Grief = BAN!
  5. Fix creeper damage. If you can't fix it yourself, contact someone else for help.
  6. Individual projects may establish their own rules, so long as they do not conflict with the global rules.
  • Monorail System (posted in Old <> Station)
  1. Do not leave minecarts on tracks anywhere.
  2. If you build a track, please build as a monorail system.
  3. First floor inbound trains only.
  4. Second floor outbound trains only.
  5. Third floor inbound or outbound one way trains only.
  6. Build all tracks at the maximum build height.
  7. Unless train destination is underground.
  8. If building track on ground, surround with a fence.
  9. Random rule to see if you made it this far.
  10. Please do not make any major changes without asking healthyaddict.
  11. Even though healthyaddict <3's you and <>, she will kill...assuming that you break any of the posted rules.
  12. If you need train building supplies, ask healthyaddict.
  14. I love you. Happy building!
  • Pixel Park
  1. No building without permission.
  2. Respect the art.
  3. Please do not even bring lighters into the park.
  4. Don't be a dick.
  • South City (rules posted in City Hall)
  1. Buildings must look somewhat realistic. (No giant 8===D, for example.)
  2. A street grid layout must be followed.
  3. Land will be leveled, so don't build in/on mountains.
  4. Don't mess with other people's structures unless they violate one of the above rules.