More Crass Than Baby Ass

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More Crass Than Baby Ass
Number 121
Broadcast Date April 3, 2012
Episode Length 1:06:49
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Scott Sigler

This week, Scott Sigler returns with his new book "Nocturnal", the guys argue over dancing Star Wars characters and then they perform a few scenes from Scott's short story "Beam Up On Aisle Five" which features characters and situations created by the Chatrealm

What to expect in this episode.


Opening Video

Dalek Relaxation Tape

Nocturnal By Scott Sigler

The day that this episode was recorded was also the day that Scott's latest book "Nocturnal" was released. You can see the trailer here and you should totally go buy it.

Then once you've bought Nocturnal, you can purchase "Bones Are White", Scott's collection of short stories. This book features "Beam Up On Aisle Five", the story that was conceived live on NSFW show the last time that Scott was a guest.

Star Wars Kinect

The day before the recording, videos started surfacing of the "Galactic Dance Off" game from Star Wars Kinect. Many Star Wars fans are outraged at George Lucas further ruining the franchise, but others (Justin) feel that Star Wars has been parodied so many times at this point so who really cares? Who is right? Voice your opinion.

Beam Up On Aisle Five

"Beam Up On Aisle Five" is the short story that was conceived during Dog Saves Doll, Revered as Hero and written by Scott. Scott describes the story as a "gritty, urban detective story set at the Walmart on the space station New Hoboken". Brian, Justin and Scott performed a few scenes live for your enjoyment. You can read "Beam Up On Aisle Five" yourself in Scott's collection of short stories "Bones Are White".


Go to and use the offer code "NSFW4" for a 14-day free trial.

Belt Winner

Scott Sigler

Great Quotes

  • "POOP. HATE. POOOOP" -Scott Sigler in the chatroom.

Fun Facts

  • Once again, Brian's Time Warner Internet connection cut out mid-episode and war was once again declared against Time Warner, however Time Warner responded on Twitter and peace negotiations are ongoing.


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