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My algorithm loves it
Number 13
Broadcast Date March 31 2014
Episode Length 1:13:01
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Jeff Cannata

Do you want a service that know what you want to watch better than you do? Why does Roku think it's better than Apple TV? Will CBS really take its channel off the air?


Opening Video

Primary Target

Roku CEO Anthony Wood joined Recode’s Peter Kafka at the Code/Media event in Santa Monica Thursday.
"Apple TV is essentially an accessory for the iPad. They lose money, which is unusual for Apple. If you're losing money, why would you want to sell more?" “Every year a new version of the Apple TV came out and every year our sales have grown.” Wood noted that the day Apple launched its $99 box, Roku sales doubled. Today, people watch more streaming hours of Netflix on Roku than any other platform.
“We’re in the TV platform business. Our goal is to be the operating system for TV.” This autumn: TCL and Hisense, release the first sets running Roku software.

Secondary Target

Aereo filed its briefing with the Supreme Court last Wednesday. “The broadcasters are asking the Court to deny consumers the ability to use the cloud to access a more modern-day television antenna and DVR,” said Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia. Supreme Court justices are scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case on April 22
If the broadcasters win? Kanojia’s not sure. “if we don’t succeed in that, despite our best efforts and good law on our side and the merits of our case, it would be a tragedy, but it is what it is.”
If Aereo wins? CBS CEO Les Moonves told CNBC Firday: "If we don't win, we have other ways of making up for it. Putting our shows directly on cable, forming our own Aereo with other networks, going over the top. Lots of solutions. No fear on my part."

Signals Intelligence

It presents them live in a channel streaming format. Pluto says it will eventually offer on-demand and search capabilities as well. You can use it, for free, via your Web browser, as well as Android and iOS apps.

Gear Up

Under surveillance

Eliza Dushku plays a test subject. Kevin Tancharoen—who was behind the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy—co-wrote and directed the pilot.

Front Lines

Squeezes discounts out of the cable provider under a trial service being offered by Yipit, a New York-based daily deals startup.
YouTube keeps 45% of revenue from YouTube Creators. The Yahoo video service would not, initially, be open to everyone. Yahoo previously tried to buy French company Daily Motion. Reuters reported today, Yahoo is in preliminary talks to acquire online video service News Distribution Network for $300 million. NDN is a video syndication service that works with newspapers and other online publishers.
As opposed to only 47% of 25-30-year-olds. (Only 8% of 67+ watch on a non-TV)
The single most subscribed person on YouTube, PewDiePie is on the network. Disney executive vice president for corporate strategy, Kebin Mayer said, “This gives a presence online to reach the millennial group that is increasingly getting its video online.”

2014 Diamond Club Movie Draft

On Screen

Dispatches From The Front

I am glad you two have continued the show, and I am a proud Patreon of it. I have cut the cord, mostly thanks to you guys. I'm using a Roku box and notice Vudu and Target Ticket. Is there a point or need for Vudu or Target Ticket? Or any differences? What's good to use. I have a Prime account and Netflix (and my wife talked me into Hulu Plus). Do I need Vudu or Target Ticket?
Jim Corbett

Incredibly unrealistic hypothetical question for you. How much would you pay for a service like Popcorn Time that was legal. Every movie and TV show ever streamed to any device you want with no region restrictions at a monthly rate. What would you shell out for that? Love the show! Thanks!
Walter Woods



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