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NSFW Funeral is an NSFW Show montage video created by Leon for the last NSFW episode. The video is set to the song The Funeral by Band of Horses and features some of the most memorable NSFW moments, every guest (minus some music guests) and a ton of Adobeshops. It also features a shot-for-shot remake of the last 17 seconds of Cat Crack.

The Video

The Clips

Fun Facts

  • Leon started making this over three months before the end of NSFW was actually announced.[1]
    • He didn't actually think he would have to finish the video for a couple more years.
    • The vast majority of the work was done between the time Scott spilled the beans and the official ending announcement.
  • The "El Gato Macho" ending is 100% copied from Cat Crack. The length, the timings of the fade-ins, the fonts, EVERYTHING.
  • Like any good video project, it was exported 15 times before it was finally declared "done".[2]