Neal Gay-Man

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Neal Gay-Man
First Appearance Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon Three Equals Equals Equals Dee
Portrayed By Justin Robert Young

Neal Gay-Man is a popular convention personality. Not to be confused with accomplished author Neil Gaiman.


  • Says his own name.
  • Forcible grunting after saying something vulgar.

Catch Phrase

  • "Hey it's me, Neal Gay-Man!"


Fun Facts

  • Is roommates with "Robin with a 12 inch wanger" who was present at 2012 Dragon*Con.
  • In episode 157, Patrick Rothfuss was talking about WorldBuilders and kept mentioning Neil Gaiman as one of the charity sponsors. When Brian switched cameras from Patrick's single to a shot of the 3 of them, you could see Justin smirking and trying his best not to do the Neal Gay-Man bit even when the Chatroom was demanding it. During the after show we learned that Brian's in-studio audience giggled every time the guest mentioned Neil Gaiman and saw Justin's smirk.