Nerdtacular, Nerdtacular, It's Part of the Vernacular!

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Nerdtacular, Nerdtacular, It's Part of the Vernacular!
Number 2271
Broadcast Date JULY 4, 2014
Episode Length 57:26
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Justin Robert Young

Patrick Beja,

Len Peralta

Is Tech getting jerky? We talk with Justin Young and Patrick Beja about apps like ParkingMonkey and ReservationHop. Plus illustrations by Len Peralta



A source confirmed the hire to 9to5 Mac. Apparently, Patrick Pruniaux former Vice President of Sales and Retail for Tag Heuer was the person hired. Apple has not said anything publicly about the hire or whether they even believe watches exist.
Pew asked the experts “By 2025 will there be significant changes for the worse and hindrances to the ways in which people get and share content online compared with the way globally networked people can operate online today?” Of the respondents, 35 percent said yes, while 65 percent said no. Among the threats specified, the respondents listed government crackdowns, Internet surveillance, and prioritization of near-term profits over the long term benefit of the Net, particularly net neutrality concerns. Another threat was overcompensating for the amount of information people are flooed with each day.
The deal was announced in January and is also awaiting approval from the United States.
Cutts says he’ll be gone through October so he can be with his family more. Cutts is the target of a lot of consternation from folks who hate it when Google changes their search algorithm. Some speculate it may be a step towards Cutts leaving Google.The anti-spam team wills till be keeping sites from gaming search results int he meantime.
On-demand streaming was up 42% over the first half of 2013 while digital track sales fell 13% and album sales fell 11.6%. Vinyl sales rose 40% over 2013. Audio streaming is gaining parity with video streaming of music with 33.65 billion music tracks streamed compared to 36.64 billion music videos.
The free and open source plugin is meant to make it easy to drag and drop files to encrypt so that no one but the intended recipient can unscramble them.

News From You

German public television broadcasters NDR and WDR reporters analyzed X-Keyscore source code which indicated the program has targeted a German student who runs a Tor node. The EFF has noted that the more people who use the tools, the less helpful targeting users blindly will be for any surveillance efforts.
Submitted by: tm204
The Boston University-based project uses an iPhone, a Dexcom G4 continuous glucose sensor and Tandem T:Slim insulin pump.
Submitted by: JalenJade
DJ Mr Brainz had his paid account terminated due to repeated copyright infringements as a result of Universal’s capability. The DJ believes his use of the music was either authorized or fair use but when he sought clarification on the reason for the takedowns Soundcloud could not answer as UNiversal had removed the files directly.




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