News from You

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News from You
Number 2150
Broadcast Date JANUARY 16, 2014
Episode Length
Hosts You
Guests Darren Kitchen

Tom’s on assignment for Sword & Laser, but he’s got a great fill-in host…you! Also: Darren Kitchen of Hak5 files a report en route to ShmooCon 2014.



News From You

  • [Rich From Cleveland kicks off News From You with thoughts on the 4k TV’s coming out of CES.
  • Dominique Corriveaux has some ideas about on 4k TV prices.
  • Stephenater on wearable tech and whether it will translate beyond the ‘tech-o chamber’.
  • Anthony From Long Island on issues with the Fitbit Force.
  • Paul Kitchen on future IPv6 concerns.
  • Nathan Lock with updates from the UK tech scene on changes to Humax for Freesat, and the death of O2′s Wallet.
  • TJoe reports on Android on Atom.
  • Randall Bennett from Vidpresso on apps vs desktop platforms.
  • Toby Pinder on quantum bitcoin mining.
  • Google’s acquisition of Nest is still on your collective mind:
  • DJ has long-term concerns about Google’s track record of shutting down ‘unused’ services.
  • A listener from Edmonton has thoughts about Nest and Google’s customer service track records.
  • Nicole Lee of Engadget sends her take on the Google/Nest pairing.
  • In fact, Google in general is occupying your collective thoughts:
  • Richardya on Google’s methods of acquiring new users.
  • Scott Johnson of FrogPants Studios and Current Geek has some predictions on Google’s future.
  • Adam Christianson from the Maccast has some final thoughts on Google, including that that one we’re all thinking…you know, the one it might be time to worry about?
  • Molly Wood has a special message for Tom. And check out the Net Neutrality BOL Double Rant Blast from the Past.
  • And finally, Patrick Beja checks in from France with a tech thought worth pondering about hackers



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