Nice To Meet You

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Nice To Meet You
Number 275
Broadcast Date May 30, 2019
Episode Length 01:19:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Korey Coleman, Martin Thomas

Korey and Martin from Double Toasted are finally back in-studio with Brian and Justin! They talk live shows, fights on public access TV, and a lot of good business talk. OR! OR! Apple cart!


Double Toasting

Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas, from Double Toasted are live in studio with Brian and Justin for this banked episode. Long time viewers may remember Korey and Martin appeared on the infamous Group Therapy episode where Brian and Justin had a relationship breakdown and worked out some differences on air. They last appeared on Night Attack in 2015 on Beauty and the Beasts of No Nation.


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It was a banked episode, so no Name chant corner hour or twitch subs n' bitz minute this week.

The Same But Different

Brian and Justin, and Korey and Martin known each other for decades and have followed similar paths in that they were once part of a bigger production organisation and went independent. A lot of the talk this episode is about those themes of "how to run a community", "what's it like being independent" and how they have influenced each other's careers.

The Real (Reel) Deal

Korey and Martin started out doing cable access shows in Austin Texas, and they watched a youtube video where they staged a fake fight during one of their shows. They told a story where one time they had a fake fight on the show and someone watching called the police. They also found out that the viewership will drop off if people think you're show was cancelled due to a fake fight.

How To Tour

Korey and Martin are doing live shows and touring, and Justin and Brian have done live shows and want to tour. There was a lot of shop talk about calling up venues and booking shows and how to do the logistics of a live show. Normally Night Attack do a show during SXSW and Brian said that definitely does not help because everyone for SXSW would rather go to a free show than a ticketed event.

Justin revealed his rule, never say "Nice to meet you" at an event. Instead say "Great to see you" because you may have met and talked to them before and this way you don't reveal your ignorance.

Secretly Replaced

Martin has been seeing movies for movie reviews on tuesday nights for so long he never saw the last few years of "Frasier". Martin brought the fun fact that Kelsey Grammar would sing a different version of the ending theme song for 'Frasier' every episode. They looked it up and while not every episode, Martin was right and they had a bunch of slightly different recordings they would switch between.

Say 'Fuck' Again

Korey talked about how Double Toasted's model is subscription, but they do partner on Youtube for edited versions of their videos. During the recent Youtube "adpocalypse" the income from Youtube dropped by a dramatic amount, and that's what Korey gets paid out of since the subscription money pays to keep Double Toasted itself running and paying the other people.

How to TV Star

Brian related a lot of details about recording the tv series Hacking the System and how working with so many people required to produce a show is taxing and stifles creativity. It's much better now with The Modern Rogue where they are their own masters.

Live Show in Austin

The subject went back and forth, but it's at least being discussed about doing a live show in Austin, not coincident with SXSW and being a joint production with Double Toasted. Probably not in August.

Diamond Time, Movie Draft, Mailbag

It's a pre-recorded episode so they didn't do Diamond Time, the movie draft, or the mailbag.


  • "It's hard to write a hundred pages and see twenty-three of them make it to air" - Brian, regarding Hacking the System
  • "I got told to go fuck myself by Korey Coleman, that's shit's dope. Also I should correct my behavior" - Justin, imitating a theoretical Double Toasted fan.

Fun Facts

  • With the blinding success of All's Well: A Night Attack Album Brian and Justin are now consulting expert consultants for a forthcoming Ice Cream Social comedy album.


Preshow & Aftershow

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No preshow or aftershow this week, because it was a pre-recorded episodes.


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