Notch And Jeb Also Featuring Mass Effect 3

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Notch And Jeb Also Featuring Mass Effect 3
Number 9
Broadcast Date March 11, 2012
Episode Length 59:49
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Veronica Belmont
Guests Notch & Jeb, Billy Buskell

Notch & Jeb talk Minecraft. Mass Effect 3 review PLUS interview with BioWare's Billy Buskell. Also Civilization: Revolution on iOS, sexy rubbing time.


System Update

  • Diablo III cutting PvP to release the game without further delay.
  • EA shows off footage of the new SimCity.
  • Rumors of a Steam console shot down.
  • Apple continues pushing the iPad as a gaming machine.
  • New updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Score

Brian and Veronica talk about Mass Effect 3.

L33t Sh33t

The Top 5 Video Game Characters We'd Romance

  • 5. Alex Vance (Half Life 2)
  • 4. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's Creed 2)
  • 3. Jade (Beyond Good and Evil)
  • 2. Nathan Drake (Uncharted Franchise)
  • 1. Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)

Interview: Notch and Jeb

Veronica interviews both Notch and Jeb, of Mojang.

Early Look

Veronica gives us an early preview of some of Microsoft's upcoming games.

Interview : Gary Whitta

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Brian and Veronica interview Gary Whitta, former editor-in-chief of PC Gamer magazine and now narrative overseer of The Walking Dead game adaptation.

Ford featuring Curve Control

Go to to learn more.

Interview : Billy Buskell

Brian and Veronica interview Billy Buskell, producer of Mass Effect 3.


Civilization Revolution for iOS.

Doghouse Systems

Go to and use code "GameOn" at checkout and they will double your memory for free.


  • A viewer is ready for the iPad to overtake handheld gaming.
  • A viewer reminds of last SimCity game.
  • A viewer wants Chell on the L33t Sh33t.

Closing Videos

  • Outtakes of Veronica cursing and yelling at a bird.
  • FUS RO DAH!!!

Shut Up And Play

This week Glenn hosts a session of Minecraft, and Brian and Glenn face-off in Rockband for the Grudge Match.

Great Quotes

Fun Facts



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