Oh Wow!

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Oh Wow!
Number 211
Broadcast Date December 31, 2013
Episode Length 59:56
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Wil Harris, Leo Laporte, and MikeTV of Get Set Go
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We go over the Google Zeitgeist, country versions of your favorite viral hits, and maybe some admissions that will get us fired.


Opening Video

Great Quotes

  • "Still not cancelled!"

Fun Facts

  • This episode was part of TWiT's 24 hour New Year's Eve celebration. Leo was a guest on every show that day...which meant he had his first NSFW guest appearance since episode 100, "Still Not Cancelled".



TWiT was on the air all day for New Year's Eve. The entire day was really the pre-show.



TWiT continued broadcasting until after 3am PST that night.

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