Other Tubes Named Red

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Other Tubes Named Red
Number 93
Broadcast Date October 26, 2015
Episode Length 1:00:12
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Jaime Ruiz-Avila

Is YouTube Red genius or idiocy? Why Canada wins at Star Wars and how the old Apple TV scooped the new one.


Intro Video

Primary Target

$9.99 launching Oct. 28
Removes ads from all YouTube vids, gives access to YouTube Music and Google Music
New YouTube Music app coming
Saving videos for offline playing
Exclusive YouTube Originals launching in 2016
98% of creators signed up
Those who currently monetize and don’t agree to terms will see videos made private
ESPN has some contracts that forbid ad-free videos so ESPN is pulling out but not all of Disney
ESPN issue might have to do with offline viewing, or ‘subscription package’
YouTube Originals
Scare PewDiePie. From Robert Kirkman’s Skybound and Maker Studios.
nNtitled CollegeHumor Project - anthology series
Sing It! - Fine Bros. satire of reality singing competitions
Lazer Team - Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen scifi small-town losers find alien ship
Doc of Lilly Singh’s global tour
Joey Graceffa murder mystery
360 Project from MatPat of Game Theory - science behind video games w/ gamers experiencing real life versions
Fight of the Living Dead - YouTube stars trapped in realistic zombie scenarios
I am Tobuscus - Toby Turner scripted comedy about being a YouTube star
Single by 30 - WongFu romantic drama

Signals Intelligence

Netflix in Canada will get Star Wars: The Force Awkens for streaming in 2016
In US, Starz has deal with movies that come out through end of 2015
In Canada Disney deal with Netflix starts with 2015 titles in US with 2016 titles

Gear Up

Fourth-Gen Apple TV went on sale in 80 countries Monday
32GB ($149) and 64GB ($199)
Slower demand than an iPhone but shipping dates were slipping to Nov. 1 after an hour
CBS and NBC arrived on old Apple TV

Front Lines

Engadget’s sources say Time Warner Cable will start beta testing a version of its TV service for Internet-only subscribers in New York City. Participants will supposedly get a free Roku 3 and be offered a $10 starter pack an option with Showtime and Starz for $20 and a version with all that plus most f the usual cable channels for $50. No DVR functions but there is on demand the ability to stream on 4 devices at a time. Time Warner currently has apps for Xbox, Android, iOS, Fan TV, Kindle Fire and Samsung's Smart TVs.
Pivotal Research Group found TV viewing is stable if you count all devices including game consoles and phones. TV viewing among 18-49s is up 0.3%. 2-17 down 0.2% and over 50 up 3%. Viewing on connected devices like Roku rose from 2% last year to 5% this year. They do NOT count Netflix as traditional TV. 18-49s with Netflix watched 5% less traditional TV while those without Netflix watched 11% more.
Sunday Yahoo streamed an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. Yahoo got more than 33.6 million streams. Well if you narrow that down to unique users they got 15 million! Or if you want to know how many people were actually watching at any given moment they got 2.3 million! That’s compared to an average simultaneous viewing of a broadcast NFL game of about 10-20 million.
More Yahoo news. During its earnings call last week, Yahoo said it would write down about $42 million in costs from its video division based largely on three shows including Community. Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman said Yahoo’s management “couldn’t see a way to make money over time.”
Vice said Thursday it plans to launch a TV network in the US and a dozen across Europe. Vice will buy networks in some locations and partner in joint ventures in others. No word on which will happen where. The idea is to buy networks on the cheap then leverage content made there into mobile and online.
More 4K content headed your way as Vudu makes 12 movies in its catalog available for 4K viewing on Roku 4, with prices of $10 for a rental and $25 - $30 to purchase. The offerings should be coming to other platforms like the Vizio 4K TVs soon.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches From The Front

Tom mentioned his new chipped card's number didn't change, but the CVV code should have. When I activated my new card a few months ago, I couldn't figure out for the next week why the card was working some of the time and other times it wasn't. It didn't click that the only time it wasn't working was when I was paying online through saved information. Without updating that new CVV code from the back of the card, the Netflix plans wouldn't renew even if the card number was unchanged.

- hornakapopolis

"Hey Brian and Tom,

Last week's show you all were talking about how close we are to the NFL running their own distribution and putting their games online.

I'd love if this were true, but the economics might not pan out in the NFL's favor. Currently the NFL is making roughly $6 BILLION a year from CBS, FOX, NBC ($3.1B), ESPN ($1.9B), DirecTV Sunday Ticket ($1B) for rights to games.


Also they've signed these deals to last till 2022.

If the networks decided not to renew deals when they're up because the NFL wants to stream games online they're gonna have a hard time making the same kind of money.

20M subscribers paying $25/mo. = $6 Billion/yr


50M subscribers paying $10/mo. = $6 Billion/yr

This doesn't include infrastructure of network or cost to have others host. Not to mention marketing, customer service etc.

The only way I see it could being possible sometime in the future is if they managed to get a deal similar to what the MLB has with the networks...still show games on TV (probably at a lower rate than the $3.1B now) while offering a ""premium"" service that's over the top everywhere. This would of course take the rug from under the DirecTV so that would be more revenue to make up. Unfortunately I don't think they can reach beyond the most diehard fans if the price is anything over $15/mo.

I think the NFL will eventually start chipping away, it's inevitable. Maybe starting with an exclusive deal with Apple or Amazon to have a toe in the streaming box game without totally offending their currently partners. Whatever the case sports fan, particularly NFL fans will have to get by with over the air, Sling or Sunday Ticket.

You guys keep being awesome!

Cheers, - James (I'm the guy who stopped you at Ralph's Tom ☺)"

"Hey Guys,

I wanted to point to you this weekend’s report on Box Office Mojo. The author notes how the latest Paranormal Activity movie had a weak opening, but is using a new strategy with Video on Demand. He notes that once the movie is playing on less than 300 theaters, it be available for VOD. In exchange, participating theaters will receive a portion of the VOD profits. This approach shortens the theatrical window significantly, and I’m curious how it will be accepted by studios, theaters, and viewers.

Thanks for a great show every week.

Your boss, - Mike


1) horse racing and fantasy sports as I understand it are examples of parimutuel betting. The idea is the betting or house can't influence the odds. (https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/24n5vb/eli5_why_is_it_legal_to_bet_on_horse_races_but/)

technically Hearthstone, Poker, and Sports are not gambling in a way that can influence the game (as long as the teams aren't involved in/make money on the bets) so it seems a bit arbitrary

2) NBA commissioner is pro betting (http://time.com/3584866/nba-adam-silver-legalize-pro-sports-betting/)

- Chris

Hey Tom and Brian, Love the show been a fan since Framerate. I suggest Longmire to replace The Shield. It has 4 seasons with a fifth yet to be confirmed but most likely coming all on Netflix. The show is a modern day western and has deep and realistic characters with actions that are understandable and relevant. It is a loose police procedural about a Wyoming county sheriff solving a murder of the week, but there is a deeper, more consistent overall story that stretches season to season. The dichotomy between the characters, cultures (local Native Americans vs. white population, rich vs. poor), landscapes, and what's ethically right vs what's the law is so enriching but not so politically driven as other shows. Walt Longmire is just a great character as Walter White.

Also, can I make a suggestion on maybe letting us viewers and "bosses" know what you guys will spoil a week in advance (or few days via Twitter, etc). I get you guys are busy and can only watch a limited shows. But I like to follow along with Spoilern' Time and sometimes you'll start new shows or movies, like Beasts of No Nation, and some of weren't aware and it's hard to go back and listen. Anyway just my suggestion.

Thanks and keep up the phenomenal job.


- Judson M.



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