Peering into the Rift

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Peering into the Rift
Number 2176
Broadcast Date February 21, 2014
Episode Length 38:00
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Ashley Esqueda

Darren Kitchen Len Peralta

Ashley Esqueda and Darren Kitchen join to get pumped for the Samsung Galaxy S V, buyout a Chevy’s, and divine the release date of the Oculus Rift by reading the entrails of an Oculus Rift. Also Len Peralta will illustrate the show.



Apple acquired Burstly, the company that owns analytic tool FlightPath and the app TestFlight which lets developers distribute their apps to beta testers before they submit it to the app store. TestFlight plans to end support for Android app testing as of March 21st. Shocker.
TechCrunch reports on Samsung’s teaser video promoting its upcoming February 24th announcement. The video shows a lot of people having fun doing things that involve phones somehow along with suggestive words like “Alive” and “Wet” all accompanied by the number 5. SO CRYPTIC SAMSUNG! I’ll be joining Cali Lewis and John P. for the coverage of the event Monday at 2 PM Eastern.

News From You

DirecTV Chief Executive Officer Mike White rather unsurprisingly has called for close scrutiny of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, and the effective broadband monopoly it would create. But White didn’t exactly say he’s against it, just that his company has not decided what position to take, and wants to make sure it’s appropriately scrutinized.
Submitted by: Normgregory
Broadcom’s new BCM4771 Global Navigation Satellite System System on a Chip. What does that mean in English? Better battery life for wearables like smart watches that want GPS built in. The 40-nanometer construction and new sensor hub also make it more accurate. Broadcom will show it off at Mobiel World Congress next week.
Submitted by: habichuelacondulce
European streaming service Lovefilm will become part of Amazon’s Prime subscription in both UK and Germany starting Feb. 26th, under the new name Prime Instant Video. The Prime service which still gives one-day shipping will jump from £49 (€29) to £79 (€49). Existing subscribers won’t have to pay extra until the next time their subscription is up. Lovefilm will continue to run a DVD rental business.


Pick of the Day

I recently discovered an app that allows me to use my Google chromecast to play videos stored on my android device.
The free application is called AllCast. It is available on the playstore. A review can be found at Digital Trends
Ron Kehn



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