Pi Day Magic trick!

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Pi Day Magic trick!
Number 112
Broadcast Date May 5, 2010
Episode Length 13:38
Hosts Brian Brushwood

How to read minds over Twitter, on the phone, or in person!

Revision3 Summary

Howdy guys: Brian here, and for the first time on scam school, I'm going to perform for you LIVE over Twitter! (and the best part is, I'll teach you how I did it)

step 1: get on twitter (if you don't have an account it only takes two seconds)

step 2: follow @shwood and @jamesgrime (so we can send you a direct message with our mindreading guesses)

step 3: grab a calculator, and start multiplying SINGLE DIGITS until you create a gigantic number somewhere between a million and a billion. (for example, 5x7x3x6x...)

step 4: pick one of these digits to be your *secret* number, and tweet out ALL the digits EXCEPT your secret digit, with hashtag #pidaymagic.

...and just like that, I'll intercept your tweet and send you my guess! Watch the episode to find out how it works, and visit [hyyp://pidaymagic.com/ pidaymagic.com] to learn more!!

Setting the twitter #pidaymagic trick

#Pidaymagic trick out in the wild!

#pidaymagic, Brian Brushwood, James Grime, calculator trick, multiple digits trick, secret digit trick



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Fun Facts

  • Annie Gaus appears in this episode.
  • Brian and James Grime originally conducted Pi Day Magic on March 14, 2010 (aka 3.14 ...or "pi day").



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Pi Day Magic trick!
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