Pinkies Stay Clean

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Pinkies Stay Clean
Number 269
Broadcast Date April 18, 2019
Episode Length 01:29:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Brian had a lucky run with some unattractive chicken wings. Plus, a look back on the musical stylings of Cogswell in a new quiz and your emails to The Bananas of Pride!


What's up, doc

Justin has been travelling between Las Vegas and Florida. While in Vegas Brian and Justin and Matt Donnelly visited a friend in the hospital and did a couple of hours of material for them.

Brian got a new Hearthstone deck with a 70% win rate, and got up to rank 4 with it. Justin tried to use the deck without enough sleep and tanked his own ranking. Brian and Justin lamented the days of touring when that made them big celebrities that weren't recognized at bars and restaurants. Brian wanted to go to a new place to eat for lunch and figured a nearby Sports Bar and Grill would have a steak, but it turned out they had wings. This snowballed into the discussion of "what means hot wings" and people who brag about how hot the wings they eat are.

Uh oh, the wings are saucy wings. Thumbs and first two fingers go on wings, and Brian has to preserve the pinkies for playing Hearthstone on the phone. Discussion of wing-eating techniques for Hearthstone. Brian's wrapping napkins around the wet wings! The wings are too hot! Too hot, Jerry! How will Brian reach Legend on Hearthstone! Oh no, he won two games and now the wings are part of the superstition and are required to keep winning! He's up to rank 3! Too hot! More Water! Freezing from having drank all the water!

Oh no, now Brian's getting a call from Justin. Justin gave a play by play of "no no. Oh no, no no no, nononono" that he got from the call. He finished the game, and the wings, and when he went to go pay the bill got a call from Bonnie who figured he was off playing Hearthstone somewhere. Net result is he got to like rank 3.

Brian also wants you to know about the superiority of crispy bacon and grits.

Patreon Plug

Over and over again we tell you. If you support Night Attack at you get the preshow and the postshow in your own super-cool private RSS feed that's available nowhere else, and heard the important discussion of Game of Thrones Oreos. Also you might get your name shouted out in the Name Chant Corner Hour like ANDY MARTIN.

You can also support the show through, and get your chance to have your name weaved into a hilarious one minute story during the bits n' subs minute.

This week's the THE BIT BOSS was LISAJ_

Happy Birthday Mikey Neumann

It's Mikey Neumann's birthday, and everyone should wish him a happy birthday at

Lame Night Attack Music Quiz

It's a quiz about the music played at the start of the Night Attack program, with the guys playing together against the house. Some of the questions are multiple choice, some are not, it's all very incoherent.

Example question:

  • Which song has a line about fish BANUS? (The Fish Diss Track)

Here we go:

  • "Clear out the vents" has a line about hands getting cut off, so does what other song? B&J said "Nightshark attack" but it was "AKH (Asshole Klan Hello)"
  • "What does the song BDCCPPPPM stand for?" B&J said "Bondage Discipline Credit Card Paypal Paypal Me" but it was "Big Dicks Cum Cum Pee Pee Poo Poo Man" (or "Big Dicks Cum Cum Pee Pee Poopy Man")
  • "What is the actual Chorus line Justin sings in Need a Little Time? B&J thought "Just need a little time, to get back to the crime" but was actually "Just need a little crime, to get back to the time"
  • "Which of the following is not a Night Attack song?" with Nine choices. They got a few guesses, "The cackling song" (actual song), "The Front Page Song" (correct, it's "Get ready for the front page")
  • "Which songs does Brian do his Broden impression in?" with three choices. They guessed all of them but it was just "I'm the cat man"
  • "Which Billy Joel Song is not parodied in two night attack tracks" with six choices. They said "You May be Right" but it was "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"

One last one!

  • "Which of these people have appeared on a night attack track? Pick all that apply" with choices: Darren Kitchen, Veronica Belmont, Tay Allyn, Allie Goertz, Korey Coleman, Scott Johnson, Andrew Mayne. They said yes to everyone except Andrew Mayne, Korey and Veronica. The correct answer was only Allie Goertz. Andrew Mayne technically appeared on this weeks' intro song but the quiz was allegedly written months ago.

They won! They also played more of these questions in the after show. If you have a game, send it to mail at night attack dot tv, and maybe you will get stickers from

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Hey that guy Johntrekker is in the lead, still. See all the details at


Anyone watch "Fringe"? (It was gonna be a Cordkillers/Framerate watch, Brian bailed). X-files was great. What fruit and sin should followed up the Grapes of Wrath? (Something to do with Shazam. The Apples of Sloth, the App Store of Envy, The Cranberries of Lust, The Bananas of Pride). Send your email to mail at night attack dot tv.


  • "We learned that Brian will towel off a saucy wing" - Justin
  • "Asshole Klan Hello as I remember is a very jaunty tune" - Justin
  • "We don't pick the titles for the songs!" - Justin
  • "I thought that was Broden" - Brian listening to himself doing a Broden impression

Fun Facts

  • It was Income Tax Day in the USA.
  • During the quiz they revisited a lot of past Night Attack Music including material from Enjoy the Garden


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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