Putting the smart in TV

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Number 2144
Broadcast Date JANUARY 8, 2014
Episode Length 30:36
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Justin Robert Young

Tom reviews some more announcements from CES, especially Sony’s Internet TV service, with Justin Robert Young.



Recode’s Kara Swisher reported her sources say no earlier than February. The company said it could take up to a year to replace outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer when they announced his retirement in August. Current top candidates for the job are internally Tony Bates, former CEO of Skype, and Satya Nadella, EVP of Cloud and Enterprise as well as soon to be internal candidate Stephen Elop, formerly CEO of Nokia.
  • US phone carries announcing new plans
Sprint’s new family plan lets customers add up to 10 individuals to a plan whether they’re family or not. The first customer is $55 a month 1GB of data and each customer added is $5 less than the previous, to a minimum of $25.
You’ll need to trade in your existing phone, buy a new T-Mobile phone, and sign up for a new T-Mobile plan.
AT&T announced it would pay $200 for every line that T-Mobile customers switched to AT&T.

News From You

TechDirt article reporting the US Movie Industry group MPAA has joined the Web’s standard’s organization World Wide Web Consortium aka W3C. The W3C has stood for the principles of openness on the Web, and many are upset that the MPAA which promotes digital locks, might try to roll back some of that openness. There is a major controversy over whether digital locks should be standardized as part of HTML5.
Submitted by: TomGehrke
Forbes article about the P2815Q monitor, which uses an IPS LED display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. No word on the inputs but it did get a global launch date of January 23rd.
Submitted by: tm204
AndroidPolice’s story about leaked pictures of Nokia’s Android phone UI. The ‘Normandy’ is thought doomed as Microsoft gets ready to take over Nokia’s handset business, but AndroidPolice believe it might survive as a low-end dual-SIM phone. The pictures came via evleaks and show an Android phone with a very windows-y lock screen and shots of Viber and Skype.
Submitted by: SkyJedi




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