Queen of the Internet

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Queen of the Internet
Number 141
Broadcast Date Auguest 21, 2012
Episode Length 1:35:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino, newly elected Queen of the Internet is here to either grant absolution or damn the Chatrealm to hell.


Opening Video

Zombie President video by HunterO

Catching Up with Rosanna

Wrap your mind around this, the last time that Rosanna was on the show, the Diamond Club didn't exist, the chatroom was still called "the chatroom", Game On! was just a dream, Justin still lived in Florida and Rosanna WASN'T the Queen of the Internet!

Brian and Justin took some time to catch up with Rosanna and talk about her transition from traditional acting to becoming a "YouTuber" and the Queen of the Internet.

Erasing Things from the Internet

Since we have the duly elected Queen of the Internet of the show, the Chatrealm called in to the show to have Rosanna delete things from the internet as if they never happened.

  • To start off, Brian showed his embarrassing website from the year 2000.
  • Scott called in first but got scared and said nothing.
  • Constantine called in next but hung up immediately.
  • Scott called again and, not understanding the bit, just wanted to know Rosanna's cooking secrets.
  • Cameron called in but had his radio turned up and hung up because Brian was yelling at him.
  • MegaVortex wanted some Instagram pictures of marijuana wiped from the record and was granted absolution.
  • Cameron once called into a liveshow and the hosts berated him for having his sound turned up, he wanted her to prevent the episode from being posted. Unfortunately Rosanna did not show mercy.
  • Rwar was pretending to be Dr. Tiki in the chatroom in one of the first NSFW shows and convinced Brian to call the REAL Dr. Tiki on the phone and now he asks for forgiveness. Rosanna ruled that trolling should always be forgiven.
  • Mystery Caller- He used to have a live journal account and he wants absolution for this post.
  • Milo wanted absolution for this video he made.
  • Benjamin was a fan of This Week in Fun and started making fun of NSFW in the chatroom but then fell in love with NSFW.
  • Mystery Caller #2: there is a ringtone called "Robots for Everyone" that is performed by her and it has lyrics that go "Nuts and bolts..." however there is such a long pause between "nuts" and "and bolts" that you just hear her say "nuts" before answering your phone. Because of this, she is the "Nuts girl" and would like the ringtone stricken from the record.
  • Devin said that it's not "Your Highness", it's "Your Majesty" when referring to the Queen.
  • Harley put up a Craigslist ad on the man for woman section and it got put up on the "best of Craigslist" section.
  • Andrew brought a generator, a toaster oven and a ton of pizza rolls to PortConMaine and it was a mega fail.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "Jesus Christ, Cameron! I hope a nazi pees in your mouth." -Justin
  • "This is a real thing? You're famous for having nuts come out of your mouth?" -Brian
  • "Who the FUCK do you think you are?"- Brian

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