Santa-Client Privilege

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Santa-Client Privilege
Number 252
Broadcast Date December 20, 2018
Episode Length 01:12:41
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Santa, Snowers the Jaded Elf

The jaded elf of yore is back and blows the whistles on what Santa's REALLY doing up there. Plus, Santa fires back and answers letters from all the good little boys and girls in Diamond Club. Plus, your letters to

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We say this all the time, but for reals, if you support Night Attack at you get early and RSS access to the preshow and postshow and this was a great set of extra content this week including: an extended conversation with the artist formerly known as Snowers the Jaded Elf, Gluten, and a Christmas Monologue from Justin.

There's an Album?

Apparently there's a new comedy album, coming in January?

Conversations with a Jaded Elf: The Next Generation

It's the return of favorite Snowers the Jaded elf, not on tape but this time live in the studio having travelled all the way from the north pole to do an exclusive interview.

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This episodes Bit Boss was YOURMANJEFF1.

A visit from SANTA

It's a Night Attack tradition that the show gets a visit from Santa every year, and this year was no exception. Looking glorious in a brand new beard bought from party central, Santa skype'd in from the north pole to read all sorts of letters submitted by the chatrealm. Highlights include: talking Steve Urkel dolls, a limerick about Big Jim, and what kind of flavour toothpaste flavourtoothpaste is.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

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Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv. A listener's girlfriend loves Justin's hair ("This makes me see my comedy partner in a new light", "Grow it out, it looks good"). A listener points out "Frum Porn" which tries to mimic the style of the Ultraorthodox. ("Orthodox people like to jack it [like everyone else]"). A listener really liked Richard Jeni and points out references in Preacher to Bill Hicks. How is Ira Sockman? ("He's a busy lawyer")

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Fun Facts

  • Santa once punched a reindeer to death, true fact.


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