Scott Johnson vs. The World

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Scott Johnson vs. The World
Number 41
Broadcast Date September 14, 2010
Episode Length 56:27
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson joins us, to spread some positivity and reach out to the international audience.


Opening Video

Brian played Auto-Tune the News #13

Compliment Bomb

Brian and Justin recycle a segment from Melissa's Will Be Done... and Stuff. Many people accuse NSFW of being mean and making fun of people, so Brian and Justin choose a blog article about the Doobie Brothers that the Chatrealm will inundate with positive comments. The article can be found here

On September 20th, just 6 days after the compliment bomb, the newspaper wrote an article about NSFW and the bomb. The online version of the article can be found here


Apparently there are even more complaints with the show, people say that Brian and Justin are too loud and these people think that they scream too much. So Brian and Justin are going to try and be a little more NPR. They took an actual NPR script about Hurricane Katrina, but changed some of the words, to make it more like something they would talk about on NSFW.

Read the entire transcript here

105.9 The Cat

Kook and the Racist Badger take to the airwaves and call people in different countries to create a local radio show for people all over the world.

1. Chile - Local Time: 10:30pm

  • Brian melted down when he realized that the caller Skyped in with video. TOTAL FAILURE

2. Norway- Local time: 5:30am

  • "Nighttime Norway"
  • Brian greeted the caller directly, Justin later yelled at him for doing so.
  • They talked about a Norwegian Speed Skating coach that was accused of sexual harassment.

3. Australia- Local Time: 1:30pm

  • "Awesome Australia Noon Time Fun Hour"
  • No answer

4. Tokyo- 12:39

  • "The Tokyo Noon Time Fun Hour"
  • No answer

5. New Zealand- Local Time: 1:43

  • Daniel is cool because he answered the phone.
  • There was a quake in Christ Church!
  • Earthquake expert, Scott Johnson phoned it to tell them to GTFO out of New Zealand


Justin mentions how his pirate/bootlegger grandfather uses Carbonite to hide his treasure. He also talks about how Carbonite is a good thing to have when somebody lights your house on fire, after you murdered their brother.

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

"Hey its New Zealand, who cares?"- Justin
"Australia sucks and all of their animals have pouches!"- Brian
"EFF A DOG!"- Scott

Fun Facts

  • With 11 days between the recording of Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon and this episode, this is the longest period between the recording of any two episodes. (This takes into account the recording of Episode 22 (Take 1) even though it was not actually released as an episode.)


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