Shut Up and Eat It!

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Shut Up and Eat It!
Number 129
Broadcast Date July 18, 2016
Episode Length 46:11
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

Apple plays coy with TV, Twitter wants to be a streamer, and yes people do want Netflix on their cable box.


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Intro Video

Primary Target

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Apple senior VP of software and services Eddy Cue about Apple's TV strategy. Cue sidestepped the question of offering a TV service saying, "Whether we're providing it or somebody else is, it really doesn't matter to us." He also said Apple is "not in the business of trying to create TV shows" and that Apple is not "actively trying to buy any studio." Cue says Apple is focused on the hardware and making it easy to get your shows with a simple voice command or no command at all.
Apple's first foray into original television content received a name and an open casting call. Planet of the Apps, is looking to cast 100 app creators for a reality competition. The show requires developers to send in information on their app, along with a 1-minute video profile. There's no air date yet but contenstants must have a functioning beta ready by October 21, 2016.

Signals Intelligence

Twitter has signed another live streaming video partner, Bloomberg Television. Twitter will stream Bloomberg's market coverage throughout the day as well as several programs like With All Due Respect and Bloomberg West. Twitter will sell preroll ads to run before non-live clips through its Amplify platform and share revenue with Bloomberg. There may also be in-stream ads as well.
Twitter's latest sports streaming deal is for Pac-12 college games: Twitter will host over 150 events during the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year. Does not include basketball or football.

Gear Up

People who have the Hopper 3 or 4K Joey set-top boxes from Dish can now spend $30 to get a Voice Remote.
Allows you to navigate, search and select programming using spoken commands.
You can also change channels and record shows using your voice.

Front Lines

Netflix has obtained the rights to stream the new Star Trek Series in 188 countries outside the US and Canada less than 24 hours after it premieres on CBS All Access. Netflix also extends its rights to stream all previous Star Trek series outside the markets where it already has the rights . The new Star Trek premieres in January.
Netflix has a new thing called Flixtape at that lets you search Netflix's available shows and movies and create a mix of titles that you can name and share with whomever you want. Anyone who gets your flixtape and has a Netflix subscription, can click on the titles and watch them.
Vevo has a new iOS and Android app design that among other things, lets you stretch videos to play in portrait mode. Vevo also announced it has hired people to host videos on the service.
BitTorrent is launching BitTorrent News this week with coverage of the US political conventions with our own Justin Robert Young among the hosts led by former Vice/CNN reporter Harrison Bohrman. BTN will live inside BitTorrent Live an AppleTV app coming soon to OSX and eventually iOS and Android. AND SEPARATELY BitTorrent launched its BitTorrent Now streaming app on iOS and Apple TV Friday. The app launched on Android in June.
Emmy announcements are out and Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones, The Americans, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, and Fargo all received nominations. Netflix's House of Cards, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt received nominations as did Amazon's Transparent.
NBC announced their streaming plans for the Olympics. NBC will stream all nine NBCUniversal Olympic networks plus any unbroadcast events on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, plus connected TVs. The NBC Sports app is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Roku Channel Store, Apple TV and Amazon Fire. PlayStation Vue customers can authenticate for the NBC Sports app. SlingTV's Blue subscribers can get some NBC channels through the Sling app. Unauthenticated users can stream 30 minutes on their first visit and 5 minutes each subsequent day.

Under Surveillance

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of Disjointed from Chuck Lorre. The comedy about weed has Kathy Bates playing a legalization advocate running an LA-area dispensary.
Variety says 20th Century Fox and Marvel will partner on an X-Men TV show about the parents of mutant offspring. Bryan Singer is on board as executive producer and it will be written by Matt Nix.

Dispatches From The Front

Please tell me you guys are going to watch ""Stranger Things"" and spoil the hell out of it. I'm very interested in seeing Brian's thoughts on all of the Easter Eggs. I just binged the whole show in one day.

- Jeff

Hi guys! Love the show and as a loyal Patreon supporter I will keep you on the payroll as you continue your crusade TW2YW2YWOWDYWT - I was unsure if anybody contacted you about HDR10 vs Dolby Vision but I wanted to recommend two other great podcasts - AVEXCEL Ep 18 (Another great Patreon investment opportunity) and AVRANT Ep 492 (at 23:12) for a technical "deep dive" on this and other AV topics sorting hype from facts. There is an article at Keep up the good work and looking forward to Cordkiller total victory in the future.

- Chuck

So I'm trying to find the cheapest legal way to watch a few summer TV series, Mr. Robot, Killjoys, Dark Matter, and the new Top Gear. I see that Sling blue has all of those channels so I sign up for the free (thankfully) 7 day trial. The first two episodes of Mr Robot are available on demand and I get excited, the rest of the shows are appointment viewing only with no way to even set a reminder. So I try the Syfy app to register my "cable provider" and Sling isn't an option. Basically this thing is appointment viewing only with no DVR. I guess I'll be cancelling and buying my shows one at a time from Amazon or Vudu since Amazon prime has none of the shows I watch either.

Love the show.

PS have you noticed it is one cent per episode cheaper to buy shows one at a time rather than the whole season?

- Matt

Hi Tom and Brian Just wanted to let you know that Joseph Gilgun who plays Cassidy in Preacher is in the new film The Infiltrator and is very good in a small part. He is a completely different character and I almost didn't recognize him. I know you enjoy him in Preacher as do I and thought you might want to check him out in a good film with Brian Cranston.

- Cliff

Hey Brushwood! (Also Dear Mr. Tom Merritt)

What's up with not mentioning The 100 whenever talking about The CW line up? If you've not seen it, please correct this grave mistake immediately. An apt description of The 100 would be taking Game of Thrones, adding Battlestar Galactica, tossing in a dash of Lord of the Flies and finally a pinch of Lost.

Give it until the end of episode 3; I promise you'll be just as hooked as I was.


- Jordan

- Matt in Willimasport subscribes to a Comcast bundle because it's the cheapest way for him as an engineering student and having Netflix on the cable box will bring it easily to the living room TV.

- Tim says "In our AARP home, the addition of Netflix to our X-1 box eases the 'spousal factor' a bit. My wife won't have to fire up the Apple TV, switch the hdmi input to the tv."

- Faiz's Dad has basement home theater room but insists on watching TV in the kitchen, meaning he never uses Netflix. Faiz writes, "Our IPTV provider (Bell in Canada) added Netflix support a few months back, and since then he's used it on occasion. Still not regularly, but often enough that it's not just a fluke."



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