Smoke! Fire! Knives! Marked Cards!

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Smoke! Fire! Knives! Marked Cards!
Number 162
Broadcast Date April 20, 2011
Episode Length 12:35
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Two classic scams made EVEN BETTER! Plus: toxic smoke!

Revision3 Summary

This week, we take the wayback machine all the way back to The very first episode of Scam School 3 years ago to re-examine The Human Chimney. Ah, to be young again and able to huff toxic match fumes without a care in the world. What could be better? Our friend Daniel Garcia has a suggestion: pair The Human Chimney with a great trick called The Homking match for a truly mind-blowing effect.

Jumping forward a year and a half, in our Ultimate Card Cheat episode, we said it was possible to make an opened deck look like it was never opened. But did we show you how? No, that would be too easy! Finally, here are the simple instructions on how to re-seal a deck without anyone being the wiser.



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Next Week

Next week, I'm going to be doing something either brave or stupid, as I test whether or not it's possible to waft safely down from the second story of your home using a pillow case as a parachute.

Great Quote

"If all goes well..." -Brett

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Smoke! Fire! Knives! Marked Cards!
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