Smoking Crater

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Smoking Crater
Number 90
Broadcast Date February 18, 2013
Episode Length 1:30:20
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young

Justin and Andrew are again two against the world. We discuss the Russian meteor and why it explains how terrible Russia’s music taste is. SpaceX is hinting at a new test launch that could leave a smoking crater in the ground. A law is passed leading to a culinary freedom that might turn your stomach AND FINALLY Florida Python Hunt Results! It’s all part of a new Weird Things podcast.


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Less than a day before the Earth was set to have an asteroid pass 17,000 miles above the surface, an apparently unrelated meteor exploded over Russia. Thanks to huge number of car dashboard cameras in Russia, we have a ton of video of the meteor.

Andrew and Justin said that they had a recording of their conversation regarding meteors from a few weeks earlier, however that recording does not exist and they simply acted out the conversation live.

Johnny Cash Hover Slam

SpaceX has been testing their "Grasshopper" reusable rocket system. Previously they had done a successful test in which the rocket flew up about 120ft into the air, hovered and then landed safely back on the pad. Well now, Elon has prepared the public for what he calls the "Johnny Cash Hover Slam". While he didn't go any further to tell us what will happen, we can assume that the rocket will go REALLY high up, come back down, and possibly explode on impact.

Damn Good Eatin' in Montana

Montana has finally passed a bill that legalizes eating roadkill. Apparently there was a lot of perfectly good food going to waste up in Montana because of these archaic laws.

The Great Python Hunt is Over

A few weeks earlier, the guys discussed the Florida state sanctioned python hunt that gave rewards for entrants killing as many snakes as they can. Out of the thousands of the invasive pythons in the Everglades, only 68 pythons were reportedly killed in this contest. Even worse is that the longest python that was captured was released back into the wild.




Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • There are a few references to Tesla's electric cars and the New York Times in this episode that go unexplained. These were in reference to the controversy surrounding a bad review of the Tesla Model S in the New York Times that made claims about the car's battery which Elon Musk and Tesla proved to be false.




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