So To Speak

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So To Speak
Number 135
Broadcast Date July 10, 2012
Episode Length 1:12:17
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Jason Howell, Aaron Newcomb

Jason Howell and Aaron Newcomb stuck around after recording All About Android to read a chapter from The Diamond Club Book.


Opening Video

Clever Girl

Diamond Club Book

Brian and Justin bring the All About Android guys up to speed on the Diamond Club Book. Then Aaron and Jason take turns reading the chapter that Justin wrote.

TV Superstars Scrapbook

Brian found an old book about 80's tv stars.

Mini Viral Video Smackdown

Brian has found a bunch of videos that he wants to share.

Why You Need To Watch Live

This may be one of the greatest Aftershow moments ever...

Belt Winner

Aaron NewCUM

  • Literally NOBODY won any money on this week's Belt Bet.

Great Quotes

  • "Can we get you to "tag team" and "bang" this thing out?" -Brian
  • "... so to speak." -Everyone

Fun Facts

  • The guys broke down the videos for Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting" and Paul McCartney's "Dance Tonight" in the Aftershow.


Links & Downloads

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So To Speak
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