Sometimes Farts Smell Good

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Sometimes Farts Smell Good
Number 271
Broadcast Date May 02, 2019
Episode Length 01:27:14
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

It's a throwback between-the-sheets episode. Justin's in the studio and we hit everything: religion, airplanes, and anti-drug PSA's. Plus, we're playing a round of "Celebrity Highs and Lows: RIP Edition." Which Marilyn?!


This Just In

Justin is live in the studio with Brian this week. Justin is going on a trip to Italy and among the things on the agenda is to record a couple of banked Night Attack shows so there's material to release while he's on vacation and not have to skype in from around the world. Ashley has said Justin is not allowed to do crack in the Vatican.

Hearth Stoned

Bonnie is also back in the studio after last week's boycott, with the proviso that the Hearthstone talk be kept to a minimum. Brian is currently Rank 2/Rank 1 and the season ends during the show. Hence the entire aftershow is nothing but Brian playing Hearthstone. You're welcome, patrons.

First Class

There was an extended discussion of the merits and benefits of flying first class on an airplane. Brian once sat next to a passenger so stinky for the next ten years he flew with vicks vapo-rub, just in case. Justin on the way to Austin had to sit next to a little girl who was playing Disney movies at full volume without headphones on.

VidCon to Impress

Brian's not been very interested in going to "VidCon" because it apparently doesn't generate much business. Brian's daughter, however, really wants to go to VidCon. Best of both worlds: Brian gets to go without much obligation and also be the best dad of all time.


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This weeks's episode the THE BIT BOSS was

Celebrity Highs and Lows Game

It's a returning game from Mr. and Mrs. Biocow. The game is easy: given a celebrity, guess their height. Golf rules apply so the more you're off the more points you get, and the person with the lowest score wins. Plot twist: this edition of the game features all deceased celebrities.

  • Prince (5ft 2in). Justin: 5ft 4in. Brian: 5ft 2in. Bonnie: 5ft 3in. Brian was closest
  • Marilyn Monroe (5ft 5in). Brian: 5ft 1in. Justin: 5ft 2in. Bonnie: 5ft 6in.
  • Abe Vigoda (6ft 1in). Justin: 5ft 8in. Brian: 6ft 4in. Bonnie: 6ft 0in.

Bonnie currently leads!

  • Harry Anderson (6ft 4in). Brian: 5ft 9in. Justin: 6ft 0in. Bonnie: 6ft 2in.
  • Leonard Nimoy (6ft 0in). Justin: 6ft 3in. Brian: 6ft 2in. Bonnie: 6ft 6in.
  • Pat Morita (5ft 3in). Brian: 5ft 4in. Justin: 5ft 2in. Bonnie: 5ft 3in.

Last round, everyone has to text the answer! No Hearthstone!

  • Verne Troyer (2ft 8in). Justin: 3ft 11in. Brian: 3ft 4in. Bonnie: 36in.

Bonnie more than likely won! If you have a game, send it to mail at night attack dot tv and you will most assuredly get free stickers from if they use it.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

In the lead: Johntrekker. All the details:


An extended discussion of the United Methodist Church vote about same-sex unions. Will Brian watch the magic act on Ru Paul's Drag Race (Yes he will).

Fun Facts

  • Penn and Teller released a master class that also features friend of the show Matt Donnelly being instructed by Johnny Thompson.
  • Both Brian and Bonnie have stood next to Harry Anderson


  • "Our kids are going to think about us doing this podcast and have the exact same memories I do about my parents playing bridge" - Brian


Preshow & Aftershow

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