Sony: Dreamweaver or deceiver?

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Sony: Dreamweaver or deceiver?
Number 2
Broadcast Date January 13 2014
Episode Length 1:03:31
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Nicole Spagnuolo

Tom takes Brian and guest Nicole Spagnuolo on a roller coaster ride of emotions as he explains the ins and out of Sony's online TV announcement. Also can Aereo win at the Supreme Court? If they lose it might affect you more directly than if they win. Find out why.


Opening Video

Primary Target

Secondary Target

Signals Intelligence

Gear Up

Airtame - HDMI Dongle, Win, OS X, Linux, can beam 1 PC to multiple accounts (Still in Indiegogo but met goal - won Best Startuo of CES category award from Engadget)
Tablo - Taking pre-orders and hoping to ship in February. record 4 shows OTA stream to mobile.
Simple.TV - Demoing cloud DVR at CES. Finds missed recording on other services (Netflix Hulu) New device made by SiliconDust sells for $250 w/ 2 tuners
Channel Master makers of OTA antennas shipping DVR+ ($250 w/ free guide data, ethernet only) this week. At CES announced forthcoming companion device to make DVR+ into whole home DVR.

Moving Targets

Front Lines

2013 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Fr. Robert Ballecer: $599,679,357
  2. Justin Robert Young: $526,820,937
  3. Casey McKinnon: $506,462,602
  4. Jeff Cannata: $420,370,709
  5. Tom Merritt: $317,689,929
  6. Brian Brushwood: $226,142,950

On Our Radar

Under Surveillance

Dispatches From The Front

As fan from the 90s I am not too interested in the current product, but for $9.99, having the pay per view shows and the large library from when I was a religious viewer makes this a viable option and worth the price alone.
I think the more interesting development though is that the WWE ended up here after they had been trying to pitch this network for years through conventional means. By deciding to go this route in the end, they have become the guinea pigs for a full streaming model, including their original content along with the full library and the live shows.
I'm rooting for their success as I would love to see more "online networks" if the model starts to take off.

I am donating to the CordKillers show via Patreon. After you get some money in the coffers do you think there would be a Roku app in the future.
In the meantime, I have a work around viewers can use to watch the shows on on Roku:
Just install the hidden Roku Channel and type: ITPC code to add it. That will give you access to all of the audio and video podcasts in iTunes right on the big screen. Of course it will allow you to listen to DTNS as well.
I wrote a step-by-step “How to” article about it if you’re interested, or want to share it with your fan base.
Hope this helps. And as always, love everything you’re doing!
Brian Burgess
Editor in Chief -

Hey guys, loving the show so far. I've been trying to cut the cord for a year now, but haven't been able to fully pull the trigger yet. My only available internet is Verizon FIOS. With their currently price plans, Internet is just about the same price as their Internet and TV bundles, so its hard to justify the jump. I've already switched to a TiVo with a CableCard over renting Verizon's set top box, so I think when everything is all said and done, I'd only save about $10 more.
Any advice to making the jump in this situation?



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