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South by So Wealthy
Number 2449
Broadcast Date MARCH 13, 2015
Episode Length 55:31
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Brian Brushwood, Darren Kitchen, Len Peralta

Darren Kitchen and Brian Brushwood join to talk about the effect tech is having on Brian’s home town and the SXSW Interactive festival. Plus Len Peralta illustrates the show.



Reuters reports Microsoft will use research from its Einstein AI project in the next version of Cortana. Cortana is coming to Windows 10 this autumn and Reuters sources say it will come to iOS and Android later as well. Einstein combines speech recognition with machine learning to anticipate user needs.
TechCrunch reports YouTube now lets you upload and view 360-degree video. You have to run a Python script to check for correct metadata so YouTube recognizes the upload as a 360-degree clip, but YouTube says it’s working on automating that part of the process. Next question: How many of you are going to record360 degree video?
Open Signal’s State of LTE post is up. Spain leads the way with fastest LTE at 18 Mbps and Vodafone ES in Spain has the fastets network in the world at 25.5 Mbps. LG U+ in South Korea has the best coverage at 99% and South Korea as whole has the best coverage at 95%. Top 5 countries for speed were Spain, Finland, Denmark, South Korea and Hungary. The Bottom five were Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, the US and the Philippines.
The Next Web reports that Twitter finally confirmed it purchased live streaming startup Periscope – back in January. Periscope tweeted out “You may have heard some news: It involves a blue bird” followed by a bunch of hashtags one of which was #WeJoinedTheFlockInJanuary. Twitter then re-tweeted the announcement from its official account. If you haven’t heard of Periscope until now, its because they haven’t officially launched yet, and don’t have a publicly available app. In totally unrelated news, live streaming video app Meerkat has attracted tens of thousands of users since it launched at the end of February.
Excerpts from the book “Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader” by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli are spinning out lots of stories ahead of its March 24th release. CultofMac reports among the tidbits are Tim Cook offering to give Jobs part of his liver and being yelled at. Jobs considering partnering with Disney to buy Yahoo. And Jobs telling Jony Ive after his return to Apple in the late 1990s “Apple will never make a TV again.” reports that Moffett Nathanson Research calculated Google Fiber ended 2014 with 29,867 video subscribers across, Stanford, Provo, and Kansas City based on numbers released by the US Copyright Office today. Moffett noted that counts for just 0.025% of the US video market. He also pointed out that high programming costs have dented deployment and has increased TV/1-Gig bundle prices for new subscribers in KC. Google Fiber’s broadband subscribers, which would higher, aren’t factored in the US Copyright Office’s numbers but Moffett says they are likely to be “meaningfully higher.”
Reuters reports IBM is considering using the blockchain system used in bitcoin, to create digital cash and payment systems for other currencies. The potential is there to make fast fee-free payments online using currencies like the dollar or the Euro.It would likely not be anonymous as a digital wallet would be linked to a bank account. IBM is seeking the cooperation of central banks like the US Federal Reserve. The Bank of England has stated it considers the blockchain open ledger a significant innovation.
Ars Technica reports that Google will close its Google Code programming project hosting service. Google says the reduced number of users as existing developers migrated to GitHub and Bitbucket and the increased number of spammers and abuse are factors. Google itself moved a number of their open source projects from Google code to GitHub. Google is providing migration tools to export projects to GitHub and Bitbucket, and SourceForge is offering a Google Code project import service. New projects will no longer be accepted as of today and updates to existing projects will not be accepted after August 24th. The site will close down completely January 25, 2016.
The US Federal Communications Commission is putting its review of Comcast Corp.’s deal for Time Warner Cable and AT&T Inc.’s planned acquisition of DirecTV on hold, pending a court decision related to the disclosure of video-programming contracts. The FCC says it can’t go forward with the review of these deals until a court determines whether interested parties should be granted limited access to confidential information about the involved companies. The FCC already has these documents and is free to review them on their own, but the broadcasters object to the notion of this sensitive data being shared with people outside of the Commission, even if done under high security and strict non-disclosure agreements.

News From You

The Verge has an article by Russell Brandom about the new rules for transparency in the US FCC’s Open Internet Order. Packet loss has been added as a metric for ISP’s to make public which led some engineers to fear networks would be forced to add more buffering and latency to juice the stats to look good. However the full order says that packet loss will be listed alongside existing latency and bandwidth reporting.
Submitted by starfuryzeta
Ars Technica reports that since the middle of 2013, Google Apps for Work leaked hidden whois data attached to 282,867 domains. A bug in the way Google Apps integrated with eNom’s com registration program interface caused private whois info including names, phone numbers, email and physical addresses to be leaked when domains were renwed. Cisco Systems research discovered the flaw Feb 19 and five days later the leak was patched. eNom charged an extra $6/yr to shield the info from public view.
Submitted by KAPT_Kipper


Pick of the Day

I hope this hasn’t already been mentioned, but given the how many times Radio Shack has been discussed lately, my pick is:

If you, like me, spent way too many hours pouring through the catalogs, you will enjoy seeing these familiar pages again.
Submitted by Kevin



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