Starting Fires with Batteries

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Starting Fires with Batteries
Number 107
Broadcast Date March 2, 2018
Episode Length 20:43
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Male. Early 40s. It's a grizzly scene, one we don't see often: spontaneous combustion. The block is taped off because it's procedure, but it's not really necessary here. He's encased, perfectly preserved behind a screen. It's as if he's on display, for all to see. There's a battery nearby. Nobody can figure out if the fire first caught the top of his head or his beard. He is only succeeded by one, his wife, Mrs. Willy.

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Fun Facts

  • This episode features Brandt's research notes on: why steel wool burns.
  • Days since on-set injury counter: 77
  • The gum wrapper method was found just minutes before filming the episode while trying to research how to make the single wire method work.



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Starting Fires with Batteries
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