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As part of the move from the TWiT Cottage to the TWiT Brickhouse, TWiT is selling bricks which people can order and have engraved with their name (or anything else). The bricks will be put into a wall in the main lobby of the new office.

Ordering Bricks

Bricks can be purchased at or by calling 1-855-TWiT-BRX (855-894-8279) Monday-Friday 6am-5pm PDT.

  • 8"x8" Brick with a custom logo: $640 ($256 for replica)
  • 8"x8" Brick with a 4-line message: $512 ($128 for replica)
  • 4"x8" Brick with a 2-line message: $128 ($64 for replica)

Each line of text can only contain 15 characters (including spaces) and is automatically centered in ALL CAPS. Each order is also charged a $5 handling fee.

Notable Purchases

Diamond Club

JammerB bought enough bricks to create a <> shape before the bricks were even on sale to the public. Why? ...because he's awesome like that.

NSFW Episodes

Following The Science of Triumph‎, Brian declared that we'd raise funds to buy a brick for each episode going forward as long as bricks were still available for sale.