Teeth on the Vagina

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Teeth on the Vagina
Number 258
Broadcast Date January 30, 2019
Episode Length 01:37:35
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Cait Raft

We did it...? Plus, Brian's Shangri-La/zoo-without-fences. And we're joined with TV writer and inventor of yellow Cait Raft from JackAM to talk zines and explore the 2019 AliExpress Mother's Day Gift Guide. THE TOE!!!! Check out Cait's new zine patreon at http://patreon.com/caitreon

"All's Well: A Night Attack Album" is out now! Grab as many copies as you can carry over at http://nightattack.tv/album


Cait Be Our Guest

Cait Raft is on the show, the other half of JackAM. Cait has a new patreon for making Zines over at http://patreon.com/caitreon, and does the JackAM show with Jack every weekday morning at http://twitch.tv/jackAM. Her name is spelled "Cait" and not "Kate" or "Cate", get it right people.

All's Well with All's Well

Night Attack's newest album All's Well: A Night Attack Album came out last tuesday and had great chart success. Reaching #1 on Amazon (all albums, not just comedy), #2 on Google Play, #3 on iTunes (all albums). It did not appear on the Billboard comedy chart for the week. As Brian said, "When Night Attack Live came out it took a couple of weeks", so we'll see if it appears next week or not.


Do you not know this? If you support Night Attack at http://patreon.com/nightattack you get the preshow and the postshow in your own secret private cool beans RSS feed for your podcast player so you can listen to it without having to hunt it off of youtube. Also if you pledge you could get your name chanted like ERIC CRANLEY.

Maybe you're prefer to support Night Attack on twitch at http://twitch.tv/nightattack and during the twitch sub bits pile-on minute you can get your name weaved into a story. But wait there's more, this episodes THE BIT BOSS was JUSTANOTHERPILOT.

Ali's Well Express Game

It's a game and everyone plays! These are gifts from Ali Express allegedly for Mother's Day (sure why not) and the contestants have to guess the price. Price is per unit and lowest price if there are different SKUs.

  • LED Eyelashes: Brian: $7.03, Justin: $4.20, Cait: $7.05. Everyone overbid, try again! Brian: $2.80, Justin: $3.16, Cait: $1.00 Real price $3.24! Justin gets point.
  • Minions Bikini: Justin: $4.20, Cait: $6.50, Brian: $0.01. Real price $7.77! Cait gets the point.
  • 620 Game console: Cait: $18.50 Brian: $11.99 ,Justin: $4.20. Real price $16.66! Brian gets the point.
  • Creepy Murder Mask: Brian $19, Justin: 16.90, Cait: $21. Real price $464.99! Cait gets the point.
  • Egg yolk squeeze... thing: Justin $3.11, Cait: $2.10, Brian $0.01. Real price is $0.99! Brian gets the point.
  • NFC false nails: Cait: $9.99, Brian: $5.99, Justin: $6.90. Everyone has overbid, go again! Cait: $3.40, Brian: $1, Justin: $0.01. Real price is $4.49! Cait gets the point.
  • Hideous Ingrown Toenail Lifter: Brian: $3.99, Justin: $2, Cait: $0.01. Real price is $2.42! Justin gets the point.

Justin "wins" the game. Do you have a game? Send it to mail at night attack dot tv and you most likely will receive free stickers from http://StickersOrDIAF.com.

Movie Draft

Is it over? It might be over. https://draft.nightattack.tv

Diamond Time

Mail Bag

More Magic talk, also what about famous female magicians? (Keep learning magic, and there are a few female magicians but it would be great if there were a lot more). This became a good discussion of being kids and getting into magic which had some twists and turns, including Cait's own experiences wanting to be a magician. Happy Birthday, and tell your mom you love her on your birthday since she did all the work. Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.

Fun Facts

  • In the tradition of buying something after looking at Ali Express listings, they said they would buy the hideous Minions Bikini and send it to Cait.


  • "I like the toe torture, it's kinda punk" - Cait, about the toenail lifter


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to Patreon.com/NightAttack and pledge ANY amount!


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