Terry Piles

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Terry Piles
Number 116
Broadcast Date February 29, 2012
Episode Length 1:00:43
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Rob Krekel

This week the guys are joined by sound designer extraordinaire, Rob Krekel, with whom they play Name that Game and construct some of their own sounds.


Opening Video

Billy Mays Breaks Your Back

Name that Game

This game is not at all similar to an old game show that had to do with "tunes". Brian and Rob will be given the genre and year of a video game's release and they will have to bid on how few seconds they need to be able to guess it.

1. 1987- Action side-scroller

  • Brian- 4 seconds
    • Megaman- Wrong
  • Rob
    • Contra- Correct

2. 1992- Racing

  • Brian- 4 seconds
    • Mario Kart- Correct

3. 2001- First Person Shooter

  • Brian- 6 seconds
    • Call of Duty- Correct

4. 1998- Real Time Strategy

  • Rob- 12 seconds
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert- Wrong
  • Brian- Microsoft's Close Combat- Wrong
Correct Answer- Army men

5. 1984- Shooter

  • Brian- 2 seconds
    • Duck Hunt- Correct

Brian wins 3-2!

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Professional Sound Design

Rob makes a living putting sound effects into video games so Brian and Justin got suggestions from the Chatrealm on sound effects and Rob gave them direction. The sounds included Brian getting a TSA pat-down and the sound of a Terry pile hitting the ground.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

"Those damn Monkees stole my TV!" -Justin (Pre-show)
"My dander's in a twist" -Everyone
"What a dirty chore these hassles are!" -Brian
"I once heard a rumor that hot dogs are made of hassles." -Brian
"If you want to compliment my Tiny Tim, that's fine." -Brian

Fun Facts

  • Due to technical difficulties with Rob's internet, the show started a full hour late.
  • In the aftershow, a medicated JammerB said ",." in the chatroom which started a ",." craze.
    • ,. is just <> without holding "shift"


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