Testing 7 Ways to Make Beer Better (Featuring the Beerists)

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Testing 7 Ways to Make Beer Better (Featuring the Beerists)
Number 75
Broadcast Date July 24, 2017
Episode Length 27:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests John Rubio, Grant Davis


Brian and Jason really just wanted an excuse to drink on the show, so they sold the guest slot to the highest bidder. Rubio and Grant collectively bid 16 beers.


Don't be a jerk, go support The Beerists!

Timecode outline:

  • 1:05 - quickly chilling your beer
  • 8:02 - avoid skunked beer
  • 11:57 - open a bottle with anything
  • 15:27 - the perfect pour
  • 19:25 - de-foam the head
  • 21:01 - drinking the right way
  • 21:16 - shotgunning a beer (can)

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Fun Facts

  • Between this episode, and the two others shot with the Beerists on the same day, the top of one of the two benches took some notable cosmetic damage.



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Testing 7 Ways to Make Beer Better (Featuring the Beerists)
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