The 10 More Seconds Film Festival

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The 10 More Seconds Film Festival
Number 59
Broadcast Date January 19, 2011
Episode Length 0:58:33
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Jason Howell

Jason Howell returns as the celebrity judge in the latest 10 second film festival.


Opening Video

The newest cat related crack video

We Replaced Words with "Balls"

The guys took recent news headlines and replaced key nouns in the headline with the word "balls"

  • "FBI: BALLS Along MLK Day Parade Route Could Have Been Pretty Lethal"
Jason guesses: Bomb CORRECT
  • "Regis Philbin Announces BALLS"
Justin guesses: Retirement- CORRECT
  • "Zsa Zsa Gabore's BALLS Amputated"
Jason guesses: Leg- CORRECT
  • "J-Lo 'Threatened Gervais over BALLS joke'"
Justin guesses: Idol WRONG
Jason guesses: Americal Idol (again) WRONG
Correct answer : Globes
  • "Proffessor Urges People to eat BALLS"
Jason guesses: textbooks- "kinda dumb and also wrong" so says Brian
Justin guesses: vegetables Wrong
Correct answer: insects
  • "China Says Two BALLS Will Remain in DC for Two More Years"
Justin guesses: Pandas CORRECT
  • "Burglers 'Accidentally Snort Man's BALLS'"
Jason guesses: cocaine WRONG
Justin guesses: Sugar WRONG
Correct answer: Ashes
  • "Cameron Diaz 'Gets Mistaken For BALLS'"
No guesses
Correct answer Paltrow
  • "Wynona Ryder 'I want to marry BALLS'"
No guesses
Correct answer ONCE
  • "Kelly Ripa 'I will miss BALLS'"
Justin guesses: Regis Philbin CORRECT

Justin wins!

Sponsor: Squarespace

Brian tells us that this show/corpse is infested with sponsor/maggots.

The reason that the show was recorded on Wednesday night is because Jury had Jury Duty and the chatrealm made this site for him.

The chatrealm recently created a birthday page for Brian.

I Said WHAT!?

If Jason gets two out of three quotes right, he can determine the fate of both Brian and Justin's next tweet.

"You know what? I'm a little bit thirsty, so I'm going to go with racism."

  • Jason's Guess: Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 3 "YouBooze (episode)" - Brian

"Act like a Grinch and be a bitch."

  • Jason's Guess: Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 52 "PILLS! PILLS! PILLS! PILLS! PILLS!" - Brian

"I think we've all been in that situation, you're at some party, you like Pinocchio some random dude likes snow white, you pull knives..."

  • Jason's Guess: Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 5 "Hotel Rwanda for Dogs" - Justin

Jason makes both Justin and Brian tweet, "Justin and Brian are big fans of #balls." [1] [2]

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10 Second Film Festival Part 2

This time Jason is the celebrity guest.

The theme is "The Future"

You can watch all of the videos here:

The Second 10 Second Film Festival Videos

New Champion! Woo!

  • Jason Howell

Great Quotes

  • "Your show corpse is infested with sponsor maggots!" -Justin during the Squarespace read

Fun Facts

  • The Film Festival may have been TOTALLY rigged





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