The 11 cent slide to TWICE as many free drinks!

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The 11 cent slide to TWICE as many free drinks!
Number 32
Broadcast Date October 23, 2008
Episode Length 10:25
Hosts Brian Brushwood

If you liked the four-quarter puzzle from Episode 2 (appropriately named, "The Puzzle"), you're going to LOVE the 11-Cent Slide. It's every bit as diabolical and unsolvable as the 4-quarter puzzle, but it has an added twist that should net you TWICE the beers of any other puzzle.

Revision3 Summary


Place 3 dimes and two pennies in a line in this order: DIME PENNY DIME PENNY DIME.


Arrange the coins in a line, with all the pennies on one side, and all the dimes on another.


You can only move 2 coins at a time, and each time you make a move, you must move both a penny and a dime (11 cents!). Each time you let go of the coins, they must be along the same line as the original setup, and (of course), you can't use any coins to push any other coins around.


There are actually TWO ways to solve this puzzle, and you can actually SHOW one of the solutions to your mark... and they STILL won't be able to reproduce it! This means you can set up the puzzle, let them give up, and then offer them a double-or-nothing chance to solve the puzzle, after you've given them the answer!

Watch the video for the solution... we've even made some easy mnemonics to remember how it works.

Great Quotes

"Welcome to the show that's more than a short skirt and good looks..." -Brian

Next Week

Until next time... Oh, by the way, next time we've got something really interesting. We're actually going to learn how to sober up instantly by wolfing down a bunch of charcoal.

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The 11 cent slide to TWICE as many free drinks!
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