The Assassination Mind Reading Trick!

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The Assassination Mind Reading Trick!
Number 110
Broadcast Date April 22, 2010
Episode Length 14:29
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Use this mental miracle to keep your friends from betraying you...

Revision3 Summary

This week, we've got 2 for 1: A collection of twisted trivia questions and a killer mindreading trick...

Simple Trivia Tricks!

First off:

  • Which is farther West? Reno, NV or Los Angeles, CA?
  • (Check your maps: Reno is farther West!)

Sports question:

  • Who was the first black professional baseball player?
  • (Surprisingly, it's not Jackie Robinson, but Moses Fleetwood Walker! He played decades before the race barrier was established)

American history:

  • Who was the first American in space?
  • (Most people answer John Glenn, but he was the first American to ORBIT the planet...
  • Alan Shepard was the first American in space!)

Use any of these trivia tricks to get your friends to pour your beers - for you from your Coors Light home tap.

Crackers and Death!

Cracker Trick Explained

Coors Light

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Fun Fact

  • Chad Johnson and David Prager can be seen in the background of the first part of this episode.
  • This episode was shot in David Prager's home at the same time as Look like a card shark with the one-handed cut!.
  • Research from 2003 indicates that William Edward White may have been the first black professional baseball player. He played in one game five years before Moses Fleetwood Walker. If your patsy guesses Walker, you could claim they're wrong and say White was first. If they say White was first then they're obviously up to speed on their baseball trivia and you should give it to them. If you want an easy way to remember, just remember that the first black player was White.



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The Assassination Mind Reading Trick!
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