The Babe Ruth Factory

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The Babe Ruth Factory
Number 233
Broadcast Date August 08, 2018
Episode Length 01:45:22
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

The down and dirty skeptic septic story. Plus, a walk down memory lane in "Internet Carbon Dating." What a cesspool!

And don't miss the boys live at Dragon*Con (Aug 30-Sep 3), Scoopfest Vegas (Oct 12-14), and TwitchCon (Oct 26-28)


The Preshow and the Aftershow

If you were a patron at, you'd get the preshow and aftershow in your own RSS feed. This week in the aftershow you got a super special new episode of Videogames with Bryce

Viva Las Vegas

Brian is in Vegas, in a hotel room. Also is updating. Brian is doing a road show with David Rowan at MAGIC LIVE.

Brian was a guest on Ice Cream Social, except they start recording around midnight. So he took a nap. He tried to legitimately pay to get into an event but it was full, so it was off to the bar. Turned out lots of people recognized Brian in the bar and so he had a nice following of people to enjoy the evening with.

After this it's off to DEF CON . They had a banner made and despite many eyes making bugs shallow they still had a spelling mistake on it. It'll be okay, go to DEF CON and buy stuff from before the hackers steal all your stuff.

The Septic Skeptic

Remember how Brian and Co. just bought Modern Rogue World Headquarters and it was agreed at the time that it was definitely a fixer-upper property? Here's where that starts. Someone had to come and inspect the septic tank (that's for poop, if you didn't know). Brian was trying to clear branches away to get access to the septic, and felt "an explosion of fire" and thought it was bees, but "wait, if it was bees shouldn't I hear a lot of buzzing?" but no, it wasn't bees. It turned out to be fire ants falling down on him from above. Just as he was attempting to Dance Off the fire ants, the septic people arrived.

The septic tank? Oh wait there isn't an actual septic tank. Oooooooooops. "It used to be legal, but hasn't been legal for quite some time" They dig it up and... it's empty! Plot twist! Al Capone's vault!

This resulted in the "world's shittiest archaeological hunt" trying to find where the poop is going. In the end it turned out to be some half-built homemade septic field? Stay tuned true believers.

Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour

Like Brian says, "Show that you give a shit, and go to" and you can get your name shouted out in comical fashion like OLAND AND ANGELA did. Also subscribe and toss bits to and you can get mentioned in the twitch sub minute. Thanks to everyone who supports the show.

Internet Carbon Dating Game

It's a game from Scyne. They get shown an old viral video, and have to guess year and month it was uploaded and how many views it has now.

  • Dramatic Chipmunk. Brian says 2005 and 41 million views, Justin says 2006 and 31 million views. It was June 2007, and 47 views. Both people get a point.
  • Flea Market Montgomery. Justin says March 2007 / 31 million, Brian says 2008 / 20 million. It was Nov 2006 with 11.1 million views. Both got a point.
  • Crazy Nasty Ass Honey Badger. Brian says March 2012 / 76 million, Justin says Nov 2011 / 60 million. It was actually January 2011 with 81.8 million views. Both got a point.
  • Double Complete Rainbow. Justin says June 2012 / 74 million. Brian says March 2009 / 76 million. It was actually january 2010 with 45.3 million views. Both got a point!
  • Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bagels. Brian says Summer 2014 / 400,000 views. Justin says christmas day 2010 / 1.5 million. It was December 2011 and 339,000 views. They both both points.
  • Charlie bit my finger. Justin says Christmas Day 2007 / 59 million. Brian says christmas day Feb 2006 / 96 million. It was actually May 2007 and 863 million views. They both got points.
  • Miss Teen South Carolina. Brian says christmas day 2006 / 37 million. Justin says Christmas day 2008 / 36 million. It was August 2007 and 67.4 million views. Brian gets the points.
  • Wombo Combo. Brian says Christmas Day August 14 2007 / 28 million. Justin says christmas day 2006 / 12 million. It was Dec 2008 and 14.4 million views. They both got points.
  • Annoying orange. Justin says christmas day 2007 / 41 million. Brian says January christmas day 2008 / 78 million. It was October 2009 with 210.8 million views. Brian got the points
  • David After Dentist. Brian says April 2008 / 200 million. Justin says christmas day july 4th 2010 / 199 million. It was Jan 2009 with 137.8 million views. They both got points.

Brian wins! Hooray for Brian!

Diamond Time

Movie Draft Minute

No really the draft is over, go back to your homes! See all the details at

Quotes of Notes

  • "Did I tell you how I managed to rain fire ants on my face?" - Brian
  • "That's gotta be the Babe Ruth Factory" - Bonnie recounting the septic people finding the cesspool.
  • "You turn on the water and a pile of rocks gets moist" - Justin
  • "Kids, let this be a lesson. Enthusiasm never goes out of style" - Justin, regarding the Double Complete Rainbow guy.
  • "We were doing BBLiveshow through the majority of the Bush administration? Oh wait never mind" - Justin

Fun Facts


Preshow & Aftershow

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